Side Discharge Shield in Lowest Position. Walker DSD56, MB

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Side Discharge Shield in Lowest Position. Walker DSD56, MB | Manualzz

Operating Instructions

IMPORTANT: Operate the engine at full throttle when mowing, to allow the engine to produce full horsepower and to increase efficiency of the engine cooling system.

·  Keep the mower deck and discharge chute clean.

·  Mow with sharp blades. A dull blade tears the grass (resulting in poor lawn appearance) and uses extra power (slowing the mowing speed).

·  It is preferable to cut grass when it is dry and not

too tall. Mow frequently and do not cut grass too short. (For best appearance, cut off 1/3 or less of existing grass height.)

·  When mowing, operate the engine at or near full

throttle for the best cutting action. Mowing with a lower engine RPM causes the mowing blade to not cut clean and tear the grass. The engine is designed to be operated at full speed.

·  When mowing in adverse conditions (tall and/or wet grass), mow the grass twice. Raise the mower to the highest setting - 4 in. (102 mm) - for the first pass and then make a second pass cutting to the desired height.

·  Use a slow setting on the FSC for trimming operations.

·  Make sure the mower is leveled properly for a smooth cut. Refer to Deck Leveling in Assembly In­ structions.

·  Use an alternating stripe mowing pattern for

best appearance and vary the direction of the stripe each time the grass is mowed to avoid wear patterns in the grass.

·  Avoid damage to the grass by slipping and skidding of the drive tires. Use smooth control move-

ments of the steering levers since the transaxles are

“power boosted controls” and jerk ing the levers can easily slip the tires. For sharp turns, do not allow the inside wheel to stop and twist on grass; pull inside steering lever into reverse for a smooth “rolling” turn

(one wheel rolling forward while the other rolls backward).

·  When using a side discharge mower deck, the side discharge shield must not be removed and must be kept in the lowest possible position to deflect grass clippings and thrown objects down ward.

Orient the side discharge away from side walks or streets to minimize cleanup of clippings. When mowing close to obstacles, orient the side dis charge away from obstacles to reduce the chance of damage to property by thrown objects.



Side Discharge Shield in Lowest Position

· When operating on a slope, reduce speed and

use caution to start, stop, and maneuver. Avoid sharp turns or sudden changes in direction. The maximum recommended side slope operating angle is 20 degrees or 33% grade.



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