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Guide to the appliance




Safety lock

Audible tones



To prevent inadvertent switching off and altering of settings

Choice of sensor tone and door alarm tone

Only visible when a communication module or communication stick is fitted and signed on (see "Miele@home")

For switching off Demo mode Demo mode

(only visible when

Demo mode is switched on)

Display brightness settings

For adjusting the brightness of the display

Active AirClean filters Lights up when the active charcoal filter needs changing

Mains connection Confirms that the wine conditioning unit is connected to the electricity supply when it is not switched on; flashes in the event of a power cut

Alarm Lights up when there is a door alarm; flashes when there is a temperature alarm, power cut or a fault


Guide to the appliance a Push2open door catch b Active AirClean filter c Control panel d Strip lighting e Wooden shelves with labels (FlexiFrames with Noteboard) f Decor shelf



Key Features

  • Precise temperature control (5 - 20°C)
  • Adjustable humidity levels (50 - 80%)
  • Innovative air purification system with Active AirClean filter
  • Elegant design with customizable features
  • Maximum storage capacity: 178 bottles
  • Door alarm and temperature alarm for added peace of mind
  • Feature lighting to showcase your wine collection

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Frequently Answers and Questions

How do I adjust the temperature of the wine conditioning unit?
To set the temperature, press the plus or minus buttons on the control panel.
How do I turn on the DynaCool function?
To activate DynaCool, press the corresponding button on the control panel.
How do I clean the Active AirClean filter?
To replace the Active AirClean filter, remove the old filter and insert a new one.


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