Active AirClean filters. Miele KWT 6112 iG ed-cs

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Active AirClean filters. Miele KWT 6112 iG ed-cs | Manualzz

Active AirClean filters

Fresh air from the room enters the wine conditioning unit through the Active

AirClean filter. Filtering the incoming air through the Active AirClean filter ensures that all the air entering the appliance is fresh and free from dust and odours.

The reminder to change the Active

AirClean filter will appear every 12 months at the latest.

When the Change Active AirClean filter symbol  lights up in the display, the

Active AirClean filter needs to be changed.

Replacing the Active AirClean filter

 Detach the back part of the filter from the cover.

 Push the new filter onto the cover.

 Push the filter in and then release it.

 Insert the new filter.

 Push the filter in and then release it.

The filter will lock into place automatically with an audible click.

Active AirClean filters can be obtained from your Miele dealer, Miele or from the Miele website.

 Pull the filter out.


Active AirClean filters

To confirm the filters have been changed

 Touch the settings sensor.

All symbols available for selection will appear in the display and the  symbol flashes.

 Touch the OK sensor to confirm your selection.

The selected setting is applied, the

 symbol flashes.

 Touch the sensors for setting the temperature ( or ) repeatedly until the  symbol flashes.

 Touch the settings sensor to leave settings mode.

Otherwise the appliance exits settings mode automatically after approximately one minute.

The  in the display goes out.

 Touch the OK sensor to confirm your selection.

The  will flash in the display (means:

Active AirClean filter is fitted in the appliance), the  symbol lights up.

 Touch the symbols for setting the temperature ( or ) repeatedly, until the  symbol is displayed (means: the counter has been reset).



Key Features

  • Precise temperature control (5 - 20°C)
  • Adjustable humidity levels (50 - 80%)
  • Innovative air purification system with Active AirClean filter
  • Elegant design with customizable features
  • Maximum storage capacity: 178 bottles
  • Door alarm and temperature alarm for added peace of mind
  • Feature lighting to showcase your wine collection

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Frequently Answers and Questions

How do I adjust the temperature of the wine conditioning unit?
To set the temperature, press the plus or minus buttons on the control panel.
How do I turn on the DynaCool function?
To activate DynaCool, press the corresponding button on the control panel.
How do I clean the Active AirClean filter?
To replace the Active AirClean filter, remove the old filter and insert a new one.


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