Getting started. Sony DSC-W200

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Getting started. Sony DSC-W200 | Manualzz

Getting started

Checking the accessories supplied

• Battery charger BC-CSG/BC-CSGB/


• USB, A/V cable for multi-use terminal (1)

• Power cord (mains lead) (1)

(not supplied in the USA and Canada)

• Wrist strap (1)

• CD-ROM (Cyber-shot application software/

“Cyber-shot Handbook”/“Cyber-shot Step-up

Guide”) (1)

• Instruction Manual (this manual) (1)

• Rechargeable battery pack NP-BG1 (1)/

Battery case (1)

Hook Attach the strap and place your hand through the loop to prevent the camera from damage by being dropped, etc.



1 Preparing the battery pack

For customers in the USA and



For customers other than those in the USA and

Canada ɟ ɟ



Power cord (mains lead)

1 Insert the battery pack into the battery charger.

2 Connect the battery charger to the wall outlet (wall socket).

The CHARGE lamp lights on, and charging starts.

When the CHARGE lamp turns off, charging is finished (Practical charge).

If you continue charging the battery pack for about one more hour (until it is fully charged), the charge will last slightly longer.


Charging time

Full charge time

Approx. 330 min.

Practical charge time

Approx. 270 min.

• Time required to charge a fully depleted battery pack at a temperature of 25°C (77°F). Charging may take longer under certain circumstances or conditions.

• See page 27 for the number of images that can be recorded.

• Connect the battery charger to an easily accessible wall outlet (wall socket) close by.

• Even if the CHARGE lamp is not lit, the battery charger is not disconnected from the AC power source

(mains) as long as it is connected to the wall outlet (wall socket). If some trouble occurs while using the battery charger, immediately shut off the power by disconnecting the plug from the wall outlet (wall socket).

• When charging is finished, disconnect the power cord (mains lead) from the wall outlet (wall socket), and remove the battery pack from the battery charger.

• Designed for use with compatible Sony batteries.

2 Inserting the battery pack/a “Memory Stick Duo” (not supplied)

Battery/“Memory Stick

Duo” cover ɟ

Insert the “Memory Stick

Duo” with the terminal side facing the LCD screen.


Insert the battery pack while pressing the battery eject lever with the tip of the battery pack.

1 Open the battery/“Memory Stick Duo” cover.

2 Insert the “Memory Stick Duo” (not supplied) all the way in until it clicks.

3 Insert the battery pack.

4 Close the battery/“Memory Stick Duo” cover.


When there is no “Memory Stick Duo” inserted

The camera records/plays back images using the internal memory (approx. 31 MB).


To check the remaining battery time

Press POWER button to turn on and check the remaining battery on the LCD screen.

Battery remaining indicator

Battery remaining guidelines

Sufficient power remaining

Battery almost fully charged

Battery half full

Battery low, recording/ playback will stop soon.

Change the battery with fully charged one, or charge the battery. (The warning indicator flashes.)

• It takes about one minute until the correct battery remaining indicator appears.

• The displayed battery remaining indicator may not be correct under certain circumstances.

• The Clock Set screen appears when the camera is turned on for the first time (page 13).




To remove the battery pack/“Memory Stick Duo”

Open the battery/“Memory Stick Duo” cover.

“Memory Stick Duo” Battery pack

Make sure that the access

lamp is not lit, then push the

“Memory Stick Duo” in once.

Slide the battery eject lever.

Be sure not to drop the battery pack.

• Never remove the battery pack/“Memory Stick Duo” when the access lamp is lit. This may cause damage to data in the “Memory Stick Duo”.

3 Turning the camera on/setting the clock

POWER button

HOME button ɟ z button

Control button




1 Press the POWER button or press (Playback) button.

2 Set the clock with the control button.

1 Select the date display format with v/V, then press z.

2 Select each item with b/B and set the numeric value with v/V, then press z.

3 Select [OK], then press z.


To change the date and time

Press the HOME button, and select [ Clock Settings] in

(Settings) (pages 19, 20).


When you turn on the power

• Once the battery is installed in the camera, it may take time before operation becomes possible.

• If the camera is running on battery power and you do not operate the camera for about three minutes, the camera turns off automatically to prevent wearing down the battery pack (Auto power-off function).



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