Viewing/deleting images. Sony DSC-W200

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Viewing/deleting images. Sony DSC-W200 | Manualzz

Viewing/deleting images

(playback zoom)/ (Index) button

(playback zoom) button

(Playback) button

MENU button

HOME button ɟ

Control button

Multi connector (bottom)

Speaker (bottom)

1 Press

If you press when the camera is powered off, the camera is turned on automatically and set to playback mode. To switch to the shooting mode, press again.

2 Select an image with b/B on the control button.


Press z to play back a movie. (Press z again to stop playback.)

Press B to fast forward, b to rewind. (Press z to return to normal playback.)

Press V to display the volume control screen, then press b/B to adjust the volume.


To delete images

1 Display the image you want to delete, then press MENU.

2 Select [Delete] with v and select [This Image] with b/B, then press z.

3 Select [OK] with v, then press z.


To view an enlarged image (playback zoom)

Press while displaying a still image. To undo the zoom, press .

Adjust the position: v/V/b/B

Cancel playback zoom: z




Viewing an index screen

Press (Index) button to display the index screen while a still image is displayed.

Then, select an image with v/V/b/B.

To return to the single image screen, press z.

• You can also access the index screen by selecting [ Index Display] in (View Images) on the

HOME screen.

• Each time you press (Index), the number of pictures on the index screen changes.


To delete images in index mode

1 Press MENU while the index screen is displayed.

2 Select [Delete] with v and select [Multiple Images] with b/B, then press z.

3 Select the image you want to delete with v/V/b/B, then press z.

mark is checked in the checkbox of the image.

To cancel a selection, select an image you have selected for deletion, then press z again.

4 Press MENU and select [OK] with v, then press z.

•To delete all the images in a folder, select [All In This Folder], then press z in step 2.


To play back a series of images (Slide Show)

1 Select [ Slide Show] in (View Images) on the HOME screen.

2 Select [Start] with v, then press z.


To view images on TV screen

Connect the camera to the TV with the cable for multi-use terminal (supplied).

To the multi connector

Cable for multi-use terminal

To audio/video input jacks


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