Cabinet. GE Consumer & Industrial ZIC360NR, ZICS360NR

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The outer case is made of galvanized steel. The fresh food and freezer liners are painted metal with a smooth finish. Individual fresh food and freezer compartments provide separation and enhanced individual control between the compartments. The metal liner provides a thermal break between the interior of the refrigerator and freezer compartments and reduces the transfer of heat from the room into the fresh food and freezer compartments. The liner is not removable or replaceable.

Machine Compartment

The machine compartment is located on the top of the unit and has a movable chassis that can be extended from the front of the unit to provide access to the refrigeration system and components.

Caution: Avoid kinking the refrigeration lines when sliding the chassis out and back in.

To extend the chassis:

1. Raise the grille panel to stop position.

2. Remove the wire guard and door cover.

3. Remove the door switch.

4. Disconnect the door closure mechanism spring from the pin and remove the pin by turning it counterclockwise.

5. Remove the 2 screws securing the inverter.

6. Remove the door spring.

7. Remove the 2 front (7/16-in.) bolts from tray.

8. Loosen the 2 rear (7/16-in.) tray bolts.

9. Pull the chassis forward until it reaches the stops in the tracks, working the refrigeration tubing as you pull the chassis out.

Note. When sliding the chassis back into position, be certain the lines and wiring have not fallen behind the chassis.


Remove 2 Screws

Each Side to

Right Side of Machine Compartment

Track Bolt Bolt

Track Bolt

Left Side of Machine Compartment



Panel to Stop



– 8 –


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