Door Closure Mechanism. GE Consumer & Industrial ZIC360NR, ZICS360NR

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Door Closure Mechanism. GE Consumer & Industrial ZIC360NR, ZICS360NR | Manualzz

Door Closure Mechanism

The door closure mechanism uses a spring to provide positive door closure from 30 degrees.

The door closure mechanism actuator arm has a spring attached to the rear and is supported by guide rollers on either side of the base channel.

The roller circumferences and the actuator arm detents are matched for smooth operation. The arm is attached to the door with an Allen head shoulder bolt.

The closure mechanism allows easy opening to approximately 90 degrees, where the arm has a detent to permit the door to remain open at 90 degrees with minimal tension. Once the door is opened beyond 90 degrees, the closure mechanism pulls the door open until the closure arm engages the door stop at approximately 130 degrees. The reverse action occurs when the door is closed.

Note: The door closure mechanism and the top door hinge are held by the same bolts. Take the necessary precautions to secure the fresh food door when the door closure mechanism is being removed.

• The actuator arm is spring loaded with moderate spring tension.

To remove the door closure mechanism

1. Remove the 3/16-in. Allen head bolt and spacer from the door and actuator arm.

2. Disconnect the spring from the pin on the top of the cabinet and pull the actuator arm from the closure mechanism.

3. Remove 4 (3/8-in.) bolts and the door closure mechanism.

Shown with Inverter Removed for Clarity



Actuator Arm

Allen Head Bolt

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