Fresh Food Door and Hinges. GE Consumer & Industrial ZIC360NR, ZICS360NR

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Fresh Food Door and Hinges. GE Consumer & Industrial ZIC360NR, ZICS360NR | Manualzz

Fresh Food Door and Hinges

WARNING: Use the appropriate safety equipment and lifting techniques.

Caution: Use wood or a heavy plastic sheet to protect the floor where the door will be placed.

Note: Unit must be removed from its installation to remove center hinge.


The door is of one-piece construction with foam insulation. One-piece construction provides superior thermal performance and reduces air infiltration.

The inner door panel and outer door panel cannot be separated and must be replaced as an assembly.

1. Remove all food and bins from the inner door liner.

2. Tape door to cabinet.

3. Remove the door closure mechanism (see previous procedure).

4. Remove the upper hinge.

5. Remove tape and lift the door off center hinge.

6. Remove 4 T-27 Torx screws and center hinge.


Freezer Drawer

1. Loosen 4 screws connecting each side of the freezer door to the slide/support assemblies.

2. Lift door up and out to remove.



Door and Drawer Gaskets

The fresh food door and freezer drawer have magnetic gaskets that create a positive seal to the front of the steel cabinet. The magnetic door gaskets are secured to the fresh food door and freezer drawer by a barbed edge that locks into a retainer channel.

1. Starting at any corner, pull the old gasket out of the retainer channel.

2. Soak the new gasket in warm water to make it pliable.

3. Push the barbed edge of the gasket into the retainer channel.

Left Side of Freezer Door

Center Hinge




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