Drain Pan Fan. GE Consumer & Industrial ZIC360NR, ZICS360NR

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Drain Pan Fan. GE Consumer & Industrial ZIC360NR, ZICS360NR | Manualzz

Drain Pan Fan

The Monogram Bottom Mount has an auxiliary evaporation fan located under the unit. The purpose of this fan is to improve the evaporation rate of drain water should extreme conditions occur.

Should this fan malfunction, there is no replacement procedure. The absence of this fan will not affect drain water evaporation under normal conditions. A stainless steel hot gas loop routed through the drain pan will provide ample evaporation.

To remove the fan

1. Remove toe kick (2 screws).

2. Slide out and remove drain pan.

3. Disconnect harness from fan motor.

4. Remove fan by unscrewing 2 screws accessible from within the pan housing.


Adaptive Defrost

Adaptive Defrost can be described as a defrost system that adapts to a refrigerator’s surrounding environment and household usage.

Unlike conventional defrost systems that use electromechanical timers with a fixed defrost cycle time, Adaptive Defrost utilizes an intelligent, electronic control to determine when the defrost cycle is necessary. In order to accomplish the correct defrost cycle time, the main control board monitors the following refrigerator operations:

• Length of time the refrigerator doors were open since the last defrost cycle

• Length of time the compressor has run since the last defrost cycle

• Amount of time the defrost heaters were on in the last defrost cycle

Adaptive Defrost is divided into 4 separate cycles.

Those operations are:

• Cooling Operation

• Pre-Chill Operation

• Defrost Heater Operation

• Dwell Period

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Adaptive Defrost (Cooling Operation)

During the cooling operation, the main control board monitors door opening (fresh food door and freezer drawer) and compressor run times. The board counts the time the doors are open. It reduces the length of time between defrosts by

300 seconds (multiplication factor) for each second that each door is open (if both doors are open, it reduces it by twice the amount). The multiplication factor reduces compressor run time.

If the doors are not opened, the compressor will run up to 60 hours between defrosts. If the doors are opened frequently and/or for long periods of time, the compressor run time between defrosts will be reduced to as little as 8 hours.

Adaptive Defrost (Pre-Chill Operation)

When the main control board determines that defrost is necessary, it will force the refrigerator into a continuous cool mode (pre-chill). During prechill, the freezer temperature may be driven below the set point. However, the fresh food temperature will be regulated by the evaporator fan running at low speed. Pre-chill will last for 30 minutes. These models do have an 8-hour defrost hold-off.

Adaptive Defrost (Defrost Heater Operation)

After 30 minutes of pre-chill operation, the main control board turns off the compressor, condenser fan, and evaporator fan.

During defrost operation, the main control board monitors the evaporator temperature using evaporator thermistor inputs. Typically, the evaporator thermistor will sense a temperature of

45°F within 16 minutes. When the thermistor senses 45°F, the main control board will terminate defrost heater operation. Maximum defrost cycle

(heater on) time is 35 minutes (main control board time out).

The defrost system is protected by a defrost overtemperature thermodisc (bimetal switch). The thermostat opens when the evaporator temperature raises to 60°F and closes when the evaporator temperature lowers to 45°F.

Adaptive Defrost (Dwell Period)

After defrost heater operation has been terminated by the main control board, a 20-minute dwell period occurs. During this period, the compressor, condenser fan, and evaporator fan remain off. The remaining frost melting from the evaporator will continue to drip and drain so that, prior to the cooling operation, the evaporator will be totally clear of any moisture. The pan heater is on for the entire 20 minute dwell period.

Normal Operating Characteristics

• The fill tube heater is on when the defrost heaters are on.

• Pan heaters are on when the defrost heaters are on and during dwell period (25 minutes plus defrost time).

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