Drier. GE Consumer & Industrial ZIC360NR, ZICS360NR

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The drier is positioned vertically in the center of the machine compartment. A copper process tube, connected to the inlet of the drier, provides access to the high-pressure side of the refrigeration system. The capillary is connected to the outlet of the drier.

Shown with Inverter Removed



The evaporator is made of copper and aluminum and is located above the evaporator fan at the top of the freezer compartment.

To replace the evaporator

1. Recover the refrigerant.

2. Remove the evaporator fan (see procedure).

3. Remove the defrost heater (see procedure).

4. Remove the defrost overtemperature thermodisc and evaporator thermistor.

5. Disconnect the ground wire from the evaporator and position all wiring to allow for evaporator removal.

6. Remove the screws securing the evaporator to the cabinet.

Caution: Protect wiring from heat during desoldering and resoldering.

7. Desolder the capillary tube from the evaporator.

8. Desolder the suction line.

9. Remove the evaporator.

10. Using a file, score the capillary tube just above the old solder and break the solder-covered section off. This will help prevent the capillary tube from becoming plugged when resoldering.

11. Position the new evaporator in the cabinet.

Insert the suction line and capillary tube into the evaporator.

12. Solder the suction line to the evaporator.

13. Solder the capillary tube to the evaporator.

14. Install a replacement drier WR86X93.

15. Evacuate and recharge the system using currently accepted procedures.

Note: Mastic should be replaced on evaporator discharge line after replacing the evaporator.

Defrost Overtemperature Thermostat

Evaporator Thermistor

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