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Things I wish I had known before placing my first order

With this generation of the SurePOS 700, there are some changes that you must become familiar with.

1. The new Low Profile Distributed cover is a smooth, metal tube. There is NO capability to attach ANY peripheral device to this cover. To be explicit, one cannot attach a keyboard, nor printer nor LCD display nor SurePoint display nor 2x20 (VFD or LCD) to this FC 7205. The decision to use the Low profile cover is not reversible. The no-charge option for FC 7205

Low Profile Distributed cover is installed AT THE FACTORY.

2. Traditional Narrow Covers (previously shipped as the standard narrow cover option with the former 4800-7x3 and 7x4 models) must be ordered and paid for by ordering FC 7206.

3. If one selects FC 7205 Low-Profile Distributed Cover, it is currently NOT possible to upgrade to the Traditional Narrow

Covers by ordering FC 7206 as an MES or 4611 item. This requires either the purchase of the component FRU parts or an


4. If one selects the FC 7205 Low Profile cover, then the Peripheral Colors (keyboards and cash drawers) must be specified.

From a configuration perspective, the FC 7205 is considered to be colorless. The peripherals must be explicitly selected with the Specify code 2918 (Pearl White), 2920 (Storm Gray), or 2921 (Iron Gray). Therefore, one MUST select a COLOR in the Configurator before the ANPOS or 67-key keyboards will appear

5. NO Ethernet cable is shipped (unless you order and pay for FC 8998).

6. There is an optional system keylock feature (FC 9198 and MES equivalent 9199) available for the –x45 and x85 models.

This replaces the former 4800-7x3, 7x4 drive cage lock.

7. Only ONE POS Keyboard is supported on a terminal. Each terminal WILL support a second PC-style keyboard.

8. The 775 / E75 European-format model: a. does not have any color choice (iron gray only) b. will only support ONE cash drawer. c. REQUIRES that an upper installed SurePort be selected. The -x45, x85 models do not require an upper

SurePort module. d. Includes one HDD e. will not support RS-485 devices

9. ALL MODELS (effective Oct 1, 2013) have base RAM of 2Gb, however the 745, and 785 models do NOT include a


10. There is no capability to order a system with 2 factory-installed HDDs except for the C45 and C85

11. A controller model –C45 or -C85 can be upgraded with MES SurePort ONLY IN THE UPPER SLOT. There is no capability to add a lower port (with 9-port and Cash Drawer ports). This must be considered if there is any possibility of converting a C45 / C85 to a terminal in the future.

12. POS Keyboards are not offered with the C45 nor C85 Controller model

13. All “E”-models (with POSReady7 or POSReady 2009 preloads) come with one Drive and 2Gb of RAM. The Win-7 preload will not appear until you select the 4GB memory option.

Recommended Color Combinations:

IRON Gray with Iron Gray components

STORM Gray with Pearl White components

LITHO Gray (4693 and 4694 color) with Pearl White components

Please note that not all peripherals are available in all colors. Generally speaking, the RS-485 I/O brought forward from the 4693/4694 are Litho gray / Pearl White http://www.ibm.com/solutions/retail/store/support/ 3 of 37


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