2.3 Linux operation. Kanguru QS Slim DVD-RW

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2.3 Linux operation. Kanguru QS Slim DVD-RW | Manualzz

Linux Operation

2.3 Linux operation setting up your Kanguru Qs slim

Linux operating systems have a built-in driver to support the Kanguru QS Slim. Simply plug in the

Kanguru QS Slim DVDRW to your computer and your operating system will automatically detect the new hardware and install the appropriate driver. A CD/DVD icon will appear on your desktop when a CD or DVD is inserted into the drive.

Note: The CD/DVD icon will only appear on your desktop when a CD or DVD is inserted in the drive. You will not see a CD/DVD icon on your desktop if the QS Slim is connected but there is no

CD or DVD present.

Burning cds/dVds

The Kanguru QS Slim does not come bundled with Linux compatible software. However there are many free, 3rd party burning programs available for Linux. We recommend using K3B Burning Tool burning software with the Kanguru QS Slim.

removing your Kanguru Qs slim

To properly remove the device from your computer, you need to first eject any disc in the drive.

Your system may freeze up or give you an error message if you remove the device without properly stopping it first.

To remove your Kanguru QS Slim, right-click on the CD/DVD icon from your desktop and then select

eject Volume. This will safely eject the disc from your system. Once the disc has been removed you can safely disconnect the USB Cable. If there is no disc in drive, there won’t be a CD/DVD icon on your desktop. In this case you can simply disconnect the USB cable.



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