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4 Data

4.1 Creating your first data disc

Step 1: From the project selection page, select Data > Data Disc.

Nero Express Data • 27

Step 2: From this next window, you are now ready to start adding data to your layout for recording to disc.

Nero Express

Step 3: There are three very simple ways to add data to the layout window to make this process quick and easy.

Option One: Click the button to select the files you would like to burn. A window will appear that looks very similar to Windows Explorer and from here, you are able to choose the files you would like to record and save on disc.

Once you have selected your file(s), please click Add.

Option Two: Add data using Windows Explorer - please go to the Start button in the corner of your screen All Programs > Accessories > Windows Explorer.

F.Y.I.! Some operating systems will have Start > Programs > Windows


When the Windows Explorer appears, you can drag the data you would like to record into the Nero Express 6 layout.

Option Three: Add data using My Computer - please click the icon. From this window, you can drag and drop your files into the Nero Express 6 layout.

Data • 28

The options for the following feature will vary depending on the project you select. When selecting Data, Nero Digital Audio, MP3, WMA, or CD-Extra (Music and Data) projects, your window will look like this:

Nero Express

You will have additional options for the date and time for your file name.

See chapter 'For Advanced Users' how to hide files

Data • 29

Step 4: Once all your files have been added, click “Next” to prepare your disc for burning.

Please make your final settings before burning your disc.

Nero Express

Current Recorder – The supported recorders you have connected to your PC will be displayed and the Image Recorder if you chose to save to your hard drive.

Disc Name – Select a title for your disc.

Writing Speed – Select the speed in which you would like to burn.

Number Of Copies – Select the number of copies you would like to burn.

If you are having trouble burning your disc, please refer to Chapter 'Technical

Support' for F.A.Q. information and technical support.

Data • 30

When you are ready to burn and click the “More” button at the “Final Burn

Settings” window, another window will appear:

Nero Express

Track-At-Once - With this method, each track is individually written onto the disc.

The write operation is briefly interrupted after each track. This means that a CD-R or CD-RW can be written on just like any standard disk.

Disc-At-Once - In this mode, all of the tracks are written in a single process onto the disc without the laser being switched off. This format is best for audio CD’s that will be played in home and car stereo equipment.

Finalize Disc – The disc will be closed and no additional data or audio can be written to the disc after finalizing it.

Remove silence at end of *.cda tracks – Each audio track when written will have a 2-second gap at the end. When checked, this silence is removed.

Data • 31

Step 5: Ready to record? Click the “Burn” button and you are on your way to recording your first data disc! As you are burning, you will receive a status window of the recording process.

Step 6: When it is completed, you will be notified that the burn process has completed successfully.

Nero Express

F.Y.I.! As one of the many great features in Nero Express 6, it has the ability to make labels for the jewel case and disc you just burned.

Data • 32

Nero Express

Step 7: When you click OK after the successful recording, you will be returned back to the recording window. Please click “Next” to move forward to the following window.

If you would like to burn the same project again, start another project, make labels, or add more data to your current disc it can be done from this window.

If you have installed Nero Express 6 SE you will not be able to creates labels and covers, as Nero Cover Designer is not part of the application. If you would like to use all of Nero Express 6's range of features, then click on the 'Upgrade' button. This will direct you to a secure online shop, where you can obtain an upgrade to the full version.

Data • 33

Nero Express Data • 34

4.2 Bootable Data Discs

Creating bootable CD’s as an emergency startup and backup disc is highly recommended. Bootable CDs are compatible only under Windows 95/98,

Windows ME, Windows 2000, NT, XP or Windows Server 2003.

If you have installed Nero Express 6 SE you will not be able to compile bootable discs. If you would like to use all of Nero Express 6's range of features, then click on the 'Upgrade' button. This will direct you to a secure online shop, where you can obtain an upgrade to the full version.

Step 1: Select your recorder then, under Data, select “Bootable Data Disc”.

Nero Express Data • 35

Step 2: You will be brought to the “Disc Content” window where you will be able to add files. The files and folders will all be visible when you boot from the bootable disc later on.

Step 3: Click the “Add” button to select the files for your bootable disc.

Nero Express

When you have completed adding all your files, click “Finished".

Data • 36

Nero Express

Step 4: When you click on “Next”, a dialog will pop up prompting you to insert a boot floppy disk. The information required to make a bootable data disc will be read from the boot floppy disk. These are system files which actually allow a system to boot from a CD and/or DVD. If you do not have a boot floppy disk or do not know how to create one, please check the help files of your Windows operating system.

Step 5: When the files have been read from the boot floppy disk, you will be at the “Final Burn Settings” window.

Data • 37

Step 6: When you click the “More” button, you will have additional write options for your disc. You can determine the maximum write speed, simulate burning, or just write straight to the disc.

When you have made your selection and are ready to record, please click the

“Burn” button!

F.Y.I.! You cannot make bootable Multisession discs!

Nero Express Data • 38

4.3 For Advanced Users

4.3.1 Hide Files

If you would like to “Hide” files on your CD/DVD for extra added security or protection, this can easily be done from the project window.

Right-mouse click on the file in your project window and select “Properties”.

An additional window will appear with information on your file and the option to check “Hide” to conceal your file.

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