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7.1 DVD

DVD Disc

If you have a supported DVD recorder (Please visit www.nero.com the list of currently supported DVD recorders) you can burn DVD discs in the same way you would burn CDs. Not all the various formats that exist for CD have their counterpart on DVD. Therefore, once you have chosen to record a DVD, the

“Project Selection” page will look slightly different. You have the choice of burning a data disc, an MP3 audio disc, an WMA audio disc, an Nero Digital Audio disc, burning existing DVD-Video files to DVD-Video, copying an entire DVD, opening a previously saved project or burning a previously created DVD disc image.

Please note that to make a DVD-Video title from video files (such as AVI, etc), you must use a DVD authoring tool such as NeroVision Express 3. In Nero

Express 6 you can only files which already exist in the format and file structure required by the Video-DVD standard.

F.Y.I.! It is not possible to read or copy copy-protected DVD’s or CD’s with Nero

Express 6.

DVD • 87 Nero Express

7.2 Selecting your recorder

If your DVD recorder is supported and has been detected, simply seclect it from the “Which recorder would you like to use?” drop-down box. Some DVD recorders can also record CDs. These so-called “combo recorders” will be listed twice in the drop-down menu, followed by the extension “CD-R/RW” and “DVD”.

To use the recorder to burn DVD discs, select the entry with the “DVD” extension.

If you do not have a DVD recorder available, you have the possibility to burn

DVD disc images using the DVD Image Recorder. These images can later be opened in Nero Express 6 and burnt to DVD when a DVD-recorder is available.

Nero Express

If the Image Recorder (DVD) is not available to you as an option, most likely the feature has not been activated.

Please click on the “More” button then “Configure”.

DVD • 88

Nero Express

In the Expert Features tab, near the bottom, you will see an option called “Enable

Image Recorder for all supported recorder formats”. Please check this box and the Image Recorder (DVD) option will appear at your “Start” screen.

DVD • 89

7.3 Creating your first DVD disc

To make data or music discs, or to copy an entire DVD disc, the steps are the the same as with CD’s. Please refer to the relevant sections in the user’s guide. Only the “DVD-Video files” project is a little different and will be explained in detail below.

7.4 Creating a DVD-Video disc from DVD-Video files

Once the DVD recorder or DVD Image Recorder has been selected, the option to burn DVD files will appear in your “Start” menu.

Step 1: From the project selection page, select DVD-Video files.

Nero Express DVD • 90

Nero Express

Step 2: From this next window, you are now ready to start adding existing DVD-

Video files with extensions such as .VOB, .IFO, .BUP. To ensure a proper functioning of the DVD-Video disc, it is best to add all the files of the VIDEO_TS folder.

Step 3: When you are ready, click “Next” to proceed to the next window to start the burn process.

In the “Final Burn Settings” window, you will only have the option to change back and forth between your DVD recorder (if you have one available to you) and the

DVD Image Recorder and to label your disc under “Disc Name”. All other options will be grayed out and not available to you.

DVD • 91

Nero Express

Step 4: Ready to record? Click the “Burn” button and you are on your way to recording your first DVD-Video disc! As you are burning, you will receive a status window of the recording process.

Step 5: When it is completed, you will be notified that the burn process has completed successfully.

DVD • 92

Nero Express

Step 6: If you click OK after the successful recording, you will be returned back to the recording window. Please click “Next” to move forward to the following window.

If you would like to burn the same project again, start another project, make labels, or add more data to your current disc it can be done from this window.

If you have installed Nero Express 6 SE you will not be able to creates labels and covers, as Nero Cover Designer is not part of the application. If you would like to use all of Nero Express 6's range of features, then click on the 'Upgrade' button. This will direct you to a secure online shop, where you can obtain an upgrade to the full version.

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