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8 Copy Entire Disc

Copy Entire Disc

Copy the complete contents of an entire disc to a blank disc bit by bit. If you are backing up a disc or making a copy for your personal use, this feature allows you to make an efficient exact copy.

Step 1: From the project selection page, select Copy entire disc

Nero Express Copy Entire Disc • 94

Step 2: From this next window, you are now ready to start the process of copying from disc to disc.

If you have more than one CD/DVD-ROM or CD/DVD R/RW/ROM drive in your

PC, please use the drop down box to select the drive(s) you would prefer to use.

Nero Express

Source Drive – This is the drive in which it contains the disc you would like copied.

Destination drive – This drive will contain the blank disc which you will be burning to.

Quick Copy – Select this option if you would like to copy directly from the source to the destination drive. No space will be used on your hard disk.

If you are having trouble burning your disc, please refer to Chapter 'Technical

Support' for F.A.Q. information and technical support.

Copy Entire Disc • 95

If you have selected “Copy entire disc” as your project, you will have this option when selecting the “More” button.

Nero Express

You will have the burn options for your disc.

Determine maximum speed – When checked, the software will determine the safest maximum speed for burning your disc.

Simulation – When checked, the software will simulate an actual burn to disc without actually writing to it.

Write – When checked, the software will immediately burn to disc.

When you are ready to burn and click the “More” button at the “Final Burn

Settings” window, another window will appear:

Copy Entire Disc • 96

Nero Express

Step 3: Ready to record? Click the “Burn” button and you are on your way to recording your disc! The source disc will first be analyzed to check for copyrights and errors on the disc. As you are burning, you will receive a status window of the recording process.

Step 4: When it is completed, you will be notified that the burn process has completed successfully.

Copy Entire Disc • 97

Nero Express

Step 5: When you click OK after the successful recording, you will be returned back to the recording window. Please click “Next” to move forward to the following window.

If you would like to burn the same project again, start another project, make labels, or add more data to your current disc it can be done from this window.

If you have installed Nero Express 6 SE you will not be able to creates labels and covers, as Nero Cover Designer is not part of the application. If you would like to use all of Nero Express 6's range of features, then click on the 'Upgrade' button. This will direct you to a secure online shop, where you can obtain an upgrade to the full version.

Copy Entire Disc • 98


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