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WHAT TO DO IF. AEG SKS68800F1 | Manualzz

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ping onto the food inside. Use the special cleaner provided, which you will find already inserted into the drain hole.


Periods of non-operation

When the appliance is not in use for long periods, take the following precautions:

• disconnect the appliance from electricity supply

• remove all food

• defrost (if foreseen) and clean the appliance and all accessories

• leave the door/doors ajar to prevent unpleasant smells.

If the cabinet will be kept on, ask somebody to check it once in a while to prevent the food inside from spoiling in case of a power failure.




Before troubleshooting, disconnect the mains plug from the mains socket.

Only a qualified electrician or competent person must do the troubleshooting that is not in this manual.


The appliance does not operate. The lamp does not operate.

Possible cause

The appliance is switched off.

The mains plug is not connected to the mains socket correctly.

The appliance has no power. There is no voltage in the mains socket.

The lamp is in stand-by.

There are some sounds during normal use (compressor, refrigerant circulation).


Switch on the appliance.

Connect the mains plug to the mains socket correctly.

Connect a different electrical appliance to the mains socket.

Contact a qualified electrician.

Close and open the door.

The lamp does not work.

The lamp is defective.

Refer to "Replacing the lamp".

Set a higher temperature.

The compressor operates continually.

The temperature is not set correctly.

The door is not closed correctly.

The door has been opened too frequently.

Refer to "Closing the door".

Do not keep the door open longer than necessary.


Key Features

  • Spacious 279-liter capacity
  • Adjustable shelves and compartments for customized storage
  • Dedicated drawer for fruits and vegetables
  • 87-liter freezer compartment with three transparent drawers
  • LED interior lighting for clear visibility
  • Reversible door for flexible placement
  • Low noise operation for a peaceful kitchen environment
  • Energy-efficient design to reduce your energy consumption

Frequently Answers and Questions

What is the total capacity of the AEG SKS68800F1?
The total capacity of the AEG SKS68800F1 is 279 liters, with a 192-liter fridge compartment and an 87-liter freezer compartment.
Can I adjust the shelves in the refrigerator compartment?
Yes, the shelves in the refrigerator compartment are adjustable, allowing you to customize the storage space to suit your specific needs.
Is there a dedicated drawer for fruits and vegetables?
Yes, there is a dedicated drawer in the refrigerator compartment for fruits and vegetables, helping to maintain their freshness and extend their shelf life.
How many drawers are in the freezer compartment?
There are three transparent drawers in the freezer compartment, ensuring easy access and organization of your frozen items.