Control panel. Zanussi ZBB29455SA

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Control panel. Zanussi ZBB29455SA | Manualzz

• The appliance must not be located close to radiators or cookers.

• Make sure that the mains plug is accessible after the installation of the appliance.

• Connect to potable water supply only (If a water connection is foreseen).


• Any electrical work required to do the servicing of the appliance should be carried out by a qualified electrician or competent person.

• This product must be serviced by an authorized Service Centre, and only genuine spare parts must be used.

Control panel

1 2 3 4

Environment Protection

This appliance does not contain gasses which could damage the ozone layer, in either its refrigerant circuit or insulation materials.

The appliance shall not be discarded together with the urban refuse and rubbish. The insulation foam contains flammable gases: the appliance shall be disposed according to the applicable regulations to obtain from your local authorities. Avoid damaging the cooling unit, especially at the rear near the heat exchanger.

The materials used on this appliance marked by the symbol are recyclable.

5 6

1 ON/OFF switch


Freezer temperature regulator

3 Fridge-Freezer temperature indication button



5 Function button

Alarm reset switch


Fridge temperature regulator


1 2 3

1 Fridge compartment indicator


Freezer compartment indicator

3 Positive or negative temperature indicator

4 Temperature indicator

5 Fast Freeze function

6 Shopping function



5 6

Switching on

After plugging the plug into the power outlet, if the display is not illuminated, press ON/OFF switch.

As soon as the appliance is turned on, the following signals will appear on the control panel:

• Positive or negative temperature indicator will be positive, indicating that the temperature is positive

• the temperature flashes, the background of the display is red and you will hear a buzzer.

Press Function button and the buzzer will go off

(also refer to "Excessive temperature alarm" ).

Set the desired temperature (refer to "Temperature regulation").

Switching off

The appliance is shut off by pressing ON/OFF switch for more than 1 second.

After this, a countdown of the temperature from

-3 -2 -1 will be shown.

When the appliance is switched off, Display also goes off.

Switching off the fridge compartment

To switch off the refrigerator compartment, rotate the Fridge temperature setting regulator counter- clockwise till position "O".

The freezer compartment will keep on working.

Once the refrigerator compartment is shut off, the only temperature which is indicated is the one of the freezer compartment.

In this condition, the lighting in the refrigerator compartment will be switched off.

Temperature Indication

Each time the Fridge-Freezer temperature indication button is pressed, the display indicates in sequence:


– The Fridge compartment indicator is on.

– The display indicates the fridge temperature.


– The Freezer compartment indicator is on.


– The display indicates the freezer temperature.

In any case, after 10 seconds normal display conditions are restored.

Functions menu

Each time Function button is pressed, the following functions are activated in a clockwise direction:

• Fast Freeze function

• Shopping function

• no symbol: normal operation.


You can set one function ON at a time.

To set the functions OFF, press the Function button several times until no icon appears.

Temperature regulation

The temperature within the appliance is controlled by the Temperature regulator.

The temperature of the fridge compartment may be regulated by rotating the Fridge temperature regulator, and may vary between more or less

+2°C and +8°C.

The temperature of the freezer compartment may be regulated by rotating the Freezer temperature regulator, and may vary between more or less -15°C and -24°C.

For a correct storage of the food the following temperatures should be set:

+5°C in the fridge

-18°C in the freezer.

During normal functioning the Temperature indicator shows the temperature currently set.

To operate the appliance, proceed as follows:

• turn the Temperature regulator clockwise to obtain the maximum coldness

• turn the Temperature regulator counterclockwise to obtain the minimum coldness.

The intermediate position is usually the most suitable.

However, the exact setting should be chosen keeping in mind that the temperature inside the appliance depends on:

• room temperature

• how often the door is opened

• the quantity of food stored

• the location of the appliance.

Shopping Function

If you need to insert a large amount of warm food, for example after doing the grocery shopping, we suggest to activate the Shopping function to chill the products more rapidly and to avoid warming the other food which is already in the refrigerator.

The Shopping function is activated by pressing

Function button (several times if necessary) until the corresponding icon appears .

2) In normal conditions.



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