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Never use sharp metal tools to scrape off frost from the evaporator as you could damage it.

Do not use a mechanical device or any artificial means to speed up the thawing process other than those recommended by the manufacturer.

A temperature rise of the frozen food packs, during defrosting, may shorten their safe storage life.

Periods of non-operation

When the appliance is not in use for long periods, take the following precautions:

What to do if…

• disconnect the appliance from electricity supply

• remove all food

• defrost (if foreseen) and clean the appliance and all accessories

• leave the door/doors ajar to prevent unpleasant smells.

If the cabinet will be kept on, ask somebody to check it once in a while to prevent the food inside from spoiling in case of a power failure.


Before troubleshooting, disconnect the mains plug from the mains socket.

Only a qualified electrician or competent person must do the troubleshooting that is not in this manual.


The appliance does not operate. The lamp does not operate.



Possible cause

The appliance is switched off.

There are some sounds during normal use (compressor, refrigerant


Switch on the appliance.

The lamp does not work.

The compressor operates continually.

Water flows on the rear plate of the refrigerator.

The mains plug is not connected to the mains socket correctly.

The appliance has no power. There is no voltage in the mains socket.

The lamp is in stand-by.

The lamp is defective.

The temperature is not set correctly.

The door is not closed correctly.

The door has been opened too frequently.

The product temperature is too high.

The room temperature is too high.

During the automatic defrosting process, frost defrosts on the rear plate.

Connect the mains plug to the mains socket correctly.

Connect a different electrical appliance to the mains socket.

Contact a qualified electrician.

Close and open the door.

Refer to "Replacing the lamp".

Set a higher temperature.

Refer to "Closing the door".

Do not keep the door open longer than necessary.

Let the product temperature decrease to room temperature before storage.

Decrease the room temperature.

This is correct.

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Water flows into the refrigerator.

Possible cause

The water outlet is clogged.

Products prevent that water flows into the water collector.

Water flows on the ground.

The melting water outlet does not flow in the evaporative tray above the compressor.

The temperature in the appliance is too low/high.

The temperature in the refrigerator is too high.

The temperature in the freezer is too high.

The temperature regulator is not set correctly.

There is no cold air circulation in the appliance.

Products are too near to each other.

There is too much frost.

Food is not wrapped correctly.

The door is not closed correctly.

The temperature regulator is not set correctly.


Clean the water outlet.

Make sure that products do not touch the rear plate.

Attach the melting water outlet to the evaporative tray.

Set a higher/lower temperature.

Make sure that there is cold air circulation in the appliance.

Store products so that there is cold air circulation.

Wrap the food correctly.

Refer to "Closing the door".

Set a higher temperature.

Replacing the lamp


Disconnect the mains plug from the mains socket.


Press on the rear hook and at the same time slide the lamp cover in the direction of the arrow.


Replace the lamp with one of the same power and specifically designed for household appliances. (the maximum power is shown on the light lamp cover)


Install the lamp cover by sliding it into its original position.


Connect the mains plug to the mains socket.


Open the door. Make sure that the lamp comes on.



Closing the door


Clean the door gaskets.


If necessary, adjust the door. Refer to "Installation".


If necessary, replace the defective door gaskets. Contact the Service Center.




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