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INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS. Aeg-Electrolux HK634060XB | Manualzz



The sensor fields become hot.

Possible cause

The cookware is too large or you put it too near to the controls.

The Automatic Switch

Off operates.


Put large cookware on the rear cooking zones if necessary.


comes on.

comes on.

and a number come

The Child Safety Device or the Lock function operates.

There is an error in the appliance.

If you tried the above solutions and cannot repair the problem, speak to your dealer or the customer service. Give the data from the rating plate, three digit letter code for the glass ceramic (it is in the corner of the glass surface) and an error message that comes on.

Deactivate the appliance and activate it again.

Refer to the chapter “Daily Use”.

Disconnect the appliance from the electrical supply for some time. Disconnect the fuse from the electrical system of the house. Connect it again.

If comes on again, speak to the service centre.

Make sure, you operated the appliance correctly. If not the servicing by a customer service technician or dealer will not be free of charge, also during the warranty period. The instructions about the customer service and conditions of guarantee are in the guarantee booklet.




Refer to the Safety chapters.


Refer to "Safety information" chapter.

Before the installation

8.1 Built-in appliances

• Only use the built-in appliances after you assemble the appliance into correct built-in units and work surfaces that align to the standards.

Before the installation of the appliance, record the information below from the rating plate. The rating plate is on the bottom of the appliance casing.

• Model ...........................

• PNC .............................

• Serial number ....................

8.2 Connection cable

• The appliance is supplied with the connection cable.

• Replace the damaged mains cable with a special cable (type H05BB-F

Tmax 90°C; or higher). Speak to your local Service Centre.

8.3 Assembly min.

500mm min.


R 5mm


490 +1 mm 560 +1 mm



If you use a protection box (an additional accessory


), the protective floor directly below the appliance is not necessary.

You can not use the protection box if you install the appliance above an oven.


The protection box accessory may not be available in some countries. Please contact your local supplier.


Key Features

  • Precise control over cooking temperature for perfect results
  • Sleek and modern design that complements any kitchen
  • Easy-to-use controls for effortless operation
  • Glass-ceramic surface for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Professional technology for exceptional cooking performance

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Frequently Answers and Questions

Can the hob be installed above drawers?
Yes, the hob can be installed above drawers, but ensure that there is sufficient space for air circulation between the bottom of the hob and the top drawer.
Is the hob safe to use for children?
No, the hob is not safe for children to use. It is recommended to keep children away from the hob when it is in use or cooling down, as the surface can become very hot.
Can the hob be used with any type of cookware?
Yes, the hob can be used with any type of cookware that is suitable for use on glass-ceramic hobs.