Opening the Computer Cover. Dell Precision 360

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Opening the Computer Cover. Dell Precision 360 | Manualzz

Opening the Computer Cover


CAUTION: Before performing any of the procedures in this section, follow the safety instructions in the System Information Guide .

Shut down the computer through the Start menu.

2 Ensure that your computer and attached devices are turned off. If your computer and attached devices did not automatically turn off when you shut down your computer, turn them off now.

NOTICE: To disconnect a network cable, first unplug the cable from your computer and then unplug it from the network wall jack.



Disconnect any telephone or telecommunication lines from the computer.

Disconnect your computer and all attached devices from electrical outlets, and then press the power button to ground the system board.

5 If you have installed a padlock through the padlock ring on the back panel, remove the padlock.

CAUTION: To guard against electrical shock, always unplug your computer from the electrical outlet before opening the cover.

6 Lay the computer on its side as shown in the illustration.

NOTICE: Ensure that sufficient space exists to accommodate the open cover—at least 30 cm

(1 ft) of desktop space.

7 Open the computer cover.

– For the mini-tower, push the buttons on both ends and lift the cover open.

– For the desktop, slide the cover release latch toward the power supply of the computer. Raise the cover, and pivot it toward the front of the computer.

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8 Ground yourself by touching an unpainted metal surface on the computer, such as the metal at the back of the computer, before touching anything inside your computer.

While you work, periodically touch any unpainted metal surface on the computer to dissipate any static electricity that could harm internal components.

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