Executive summary. Dell Storage Solution Resources

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Executive summary. Dell Storage Solution Resources | Manualzz

Executive summary

Executive summary

This paper provides guidance for using Dell EMC ™ PowerVault™ ME4 Series storage systems in a

Microsoft ® SQL Server ® environment. SQL Server is a robust product that can be used in a variety of solutions, allowing you to prioritize performance, manageability, and flexibility depending on your environment. This paper provides important considerations and recommendations to help meet your design goals, and builds upon the best practices in the ME4 Series Administrat or’s Guide on Dell.com/support .

This document was developed using the PowerVault ME4024 array, but is also applicable to ME4012 and

ME4084 arrays.

Note: While following the best practices in this document is strongly recommended by Dell EMC, some recommendations may not apply to all environments. For questions about the applicability of these guidelines in your environment, contact your Dell EMC representative.


This document is intended for ME4 Series administrators, database administrators, architects, partners, and anyone responsible for configuring ME4 Series storage systems. Some familiarity with Dell EMC storage systems is assumed.

We welcome your feedback along with any recommendations for improving this document. Send comments to [email protected]


4 Dell EMC PowerVault ME4 Series and Microsoft SQL Server | 3923-BP-SQL


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