4.2.2 DHCP Server. Asus RT-AC52U B1

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4.2.2  DHCP Server. Asus RT-AC52U B1 | Manualzz

To modify the LAN IP settings:

1. From the navigation panel, go to Advanced Settings > LAN

> LAN IP tab.

2. Modify the IP address and Subnet Mask .

3. When done, click Apply .

4.2.2 DHCP Server

Your wireless router uses DHCP to assign IP addresses automatically on your network. You can specify the IP address range and lease time for the clients on your network.


To configure the DHCP server:

1. From the navigation panel, go to Advanced Settings > LAN

> DHCP Server tab.

2. In the Enable the DHCP Server field, tick Yes .

3. In the Domain Name text box, enter a domain name for the wireless router.

4. In the IP Pool Starting Address field, key in the starting IP address.

5. In the IP Pool Ending Address field, key in the ending IP address.

6. In the Lease Time field, specify in seconds when an assigned

IP address will expire. Once it reaches this time limit, the DHCP server will then assign a new IP address.


• We recommend that you use an IP address format of 192.168.1.xxx

(where xxx can be any number between 2 and 254) when specifying an IP address range.

• An IP Pool Starting Address should not be greater than the IP Pool

Ending Address.

7. In the DNS and Server Settings section, key in your DNS

Server and WINS Server IP address if needed.

8. Your wireless router can also manually assign IP addresses to devices on the network. On the Enable Manual Assignment field, choose Yes to assign an IP address to specific MAC addresses on the network. Up to 32 MAC Addresses can be added to the DHCP list for manual assignment.



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Key Features

  • 802.11ac dual-band wireless at up to 733 Mbps for high-performance wireless
  • Expanded wireless coverage with two fixed high-gain antennas
  • USB port for printer networking, storage sharing, or 3G/4G connections
  • ASUS AiCloud app to access, sync, share and stream your files on the go –quickly and easily
  • Easy 30 second setup and robust controls like network monitoring through ASUSWRT dashboard

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