Charging the Battery with the Charger. Panasonic DMCLX2

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Charging the Battery with the Charger. Panasonic DMCLX2 | Manualzz


Charging the Battery with the Charger

The battery is not charged when the camera is shipped. Charge the battery before use.


Attach the battery with attention to the direction of the battery.


Detach the battery after charging is complete.


Connect the AC cable.

• The AC cable does not fit entirely into the AC input terminal. A gap will remain as shown below.

• After charging is completed, be sure to disconnect the AC cable from the electrical outlet.

• The battery becomes warm after use/ charge or during charge. The camera also becomes warm during use. However, this is not a malfunction with the camera.

• The battery will discharge if left for a long time after charging. Recharge it.

• You can recharge the consumed portion before exhausting the remaining charge.

• Use the dedicated charger and battery.

• Charge the battery with the charger indoors.

• Do not disassemble or modify the charger.

• When the [CHARGE] indicator


lights in green, charging starts.

• When the [CHARGE] indicator


turns off (in about 130 minutes), charging is completed.

• Refer to P13 when the [CHARGE] indicator blinks.




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