– Aerial photo mode. Panasonic DMCLX2

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– Aerial photo mode. Panasonic DMCLX2 | Manualzz


Press [



] to display the [SCENE MODE] menu and select a scene mode. (P61)

Aerial photo mode

This mode allows you to take pictures through an airplane window.

High Sensitivity mode

This mode allows you to take pictures at

[ISO3200] level with high sensitivity processing.




19 n

Technique for Aerial photo mode

We recommend using this technique if it is difficult to focus when taking pictures of clouds etc. Aim the camera at something with high contrast, press the shutter button halfway to fix the focus and then aim the camera at the subject and press the shutter button fully to take the picture.

• Turn the camera off when taking off or landing.

• When using the camera, follow all instructions from the cabin crew.

• Be careful about the reflection from the window.

• The flash setting is fixed to Forced OFF [ v


• The setting on the AF assist lamp is disabled.


Snow mode

The exposure and the white balance are adjusted to make the white colour of the snow stand out.

• The focus range is 5 cm (Wide)/30 cm

(Tele) to Z .

• The resolution of the recorded picture decreases significantly because of high sensitivity processing. This is not a malfunction.

• You can take pictures suitable for 4



10×15 cm printing.

• The flash setting is fixed to Forced OFF [ v ].

• The extra optical zoom and digital zoom cannot be used.

• You cannot set quality to [RAW] in high sensitivity mode.






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