Safety precautions when setting up. Pioneer lx01bd

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Chapter 1

Speaker Setup Guide

Safety precautions when setting up

Preparing the speakers

When assembling the speakers, lay them down flat on their side to avoid accidents or injury. Make sure to use a stable surface when assembling, setting up, and placing the speakers.

Home theater sound setup

This unit comes with speaker bases that can be used to adjust the speakers to the design of the room in which they are placed.

Using the supplied speaker bases

1 Attach the non-skid pads to the speaker bases, as shown below.

Use the adhesive side of the pads to attach them to the base of each speaker base.

Depending on the size and characteristics of your room, you can place your speakers in one of two ways using this system.

Standard surround setup

This is a standard multichannel surround sound speaker setup for optimal 5.1 channel home theater sound.

Front/center (L) Front/center (R)

Receiver subwoofer

Non-skid pads x16

Each speaker base

2 Attach the speaker bases.

Place the speaker atop a supplied speaker base, and fix the base in place by using one of the supplied screws.

• The supplied speaker bases come in two different shapes. You can determine the correct base for a speaker by checking if the screw’s location lines up correctly when the speaker is placed atop the base. (There are specific bases for the front/center (L) and surround speaker (R), and for the front/center (R) and surround speaker (L), with two of each type included.)


Listening position

Surround (L)

Front surround setup

Surround (R)

This setup is ideal when rear surround speaker placement isn’t possible or you want to avoid running long speaker cables in your listening area. Use this setup together with the Front Stage

Surround Advance modes in page 32.

Surround (L)

Front/center (L)

Surround (R)

Front/center (R)


Speaker base

Receiver subwoofer

Listening position



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