When not using the supplied speaker bases. Pioneer lx01bd

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When not using the supplied speaker bases

Additional notes on speaker placement

Attach the non-skid pads to the base of each of the front/ center and surround speakers (as shown).

Use the adhesive side of the pads to attach them to the base of each speaker.

Non-skid pads x16

Front/center and surround speakers

Connect the speaker system

Refer to Basic connections on page 12 to connect the speakers properly. After connecting everything, place the speakers as shown in the diagram above for optimal surround sound. After placing the speakers, run the Auto MCACC setup (page 26) to complete your surround sound setup.

• Install the main front left and right speakers at an equal distance from the TV.

• When using the Standard surround setup, install the surround speakers slightly above ear level for optimum effect.

• When using the Front surround setup, separate the left and right speakers by about 1.5 m for optimum effect.


• Do not place the speaker on an unstable surface, as doing so may cause the speaker to fall and cause damage or bodily injury.

• All speakers supplied with this system are magnetically shielded. However, depending on the installation location, color distortion may occur if a speaker is installed extremely close to the screen of a television set. If this happens, turn the power switch of the television set OFF, and turn it ON after 15 min to 30 min. If the problem persists, place the speaker system away from the television set.

• For safety, make sure that there is no exposed bare speaker wire outside of the speaker terminals.

• Do not connect the supplied speakers with any other amplifier.

This may result in malfunction or fire.

• Do not connect any speakers other than those supplied to this system.

• The speaker system grill cannot be removed. Do not try to forcibly remove it since doing so may damage the grille.

• When cleaning the cabinet, use the provided cleaning cloth.

Do not allow alcohol, thinner, benzene, or insecticides to come into contact with the surface, since finish discoloration may occur.

Also, when using chemically impregnated cleaning cloths, follow their precautions carefully.




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