Synchronized amp mode. Pioneer lx01bd

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Synchronized amp mode. Pioneer lx01bd | Manualzz Page 47 Tuesday, September 2, 2008 12:33 PM

Synchronized amp mode

Synchronized amp mode begins once you carry out an operation for the Flat Screen TV. For more information, see the operating instructions of your Flat Screen TV.

Synchronized amp mode operations

By connecting a component to this unit with an HDMI cable you can use synchronized amp mode, which allows you to synchronize the following operations:

• Displays on the Flat Screen TV when you mute or adjust the volume of this unit.

• The input of this unit is automatically changed when playback occurs on a connected component.

• Even if you change this unit’s input to a device that is not connected by HDMI, the synchronized amp mode remains in effect.

Canceling synchronized amp mode

If you cancel synchronized amp mode while connected via HDMI to a Flat Screen TV or while you are watching a TV program, the power for this unit is turned off.




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