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2-7 Kensington Lock

A Kensington Lock is an anti-theft device that enables users to lock the product so that they can safely use it in public locations.

Since the shape and usage of the locking device may differ depending on the model and the manufacturer, for more information, refer to the User Manual supplied with the locking device for more information.

You must purchase the Kensington Lock separately.



To lock the product, follow these steps:


Wrap the Kensington lock cable around a large, stationary object such as a desk or chair.


Slide the end of the cable with the lock attached through the looped end of the Kensington lock cable.


Insert the locking device into the Kensington slot on the Monitor ( ).


Lock the lock ( ).

• These are general instructions. For exact instructions, see the User Manual supplied with the locking device.

• You can purchase the locking device from an electronics store, an online shop, or our service center.

2-7 Installing the Product


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