Before cleaning the wine conditioning unit. Miele KWT 6322 UG, 10028620

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Before cleaning the wine conditioning unit. Miele KWT 6322 UG, 10028620 | Manualzz

Cleaning and care

Before cleaning the wine conditioning unit

 Switch off the appliance.

 Unplug the appliance or trip the circuit breaker.

 Take any wine bottles out of the wine conditioning unit and store them in a cool place.

 Take out all other removable parts for cleaning.

 Remove the magnetic strips from the wooden shelves before cleaning them

(see “Labeling wooden shelves”).

Interior, accessories, and appliance door

Clean the wine conditioning unit regularly, or at least once a month.

Clean up any spills, stains, or food immediately. Do not allow them to dry and stick to the appliance.

 After cleaning, wipe the interior and accessories with a damp cloth and dry with a soft cloth. Leave the door open to air the wine conditioning unit for a short while.

 Clean the glass panes in the appliance door with a proprietary glass cleaner.

Stainless steel machines:

The stainless steel surface on the appliance front has a special high-quality finish (Clean Touch Steel). This is resistant to stains and is very easy to clean.

 Risk of damage as a result of incorrect cleaning.

The front finish (Clean Touch Steel) will be damaged.

Do not use stainless steel cleaning agent on these surfaces.

Do not use the Miele Stainless

Steel Conditioning Agent on these surfaces. This will cause noticeable smearing.

 Clean the interior with a solution of lukewarm water and liquid dish soap.

 The wooden parts should only be wiped with a well wrung-out damp cloth. They must not be allowed to get wet.

 Risk of damage due to incorrect cleaning.

The blackboard coating on the magnetic strips may be damaged.

Use clean water only to wipe the magnetic strips at the front of the wooden shelves. Do not use a cleaning agent.

Cleaning the ventilation grilles

A build-up of dust will increase the energy consumption of the appliance.

 The air vents should be cleaned on a regular basis with a brush or vacuum cleaner (you could use a Miele vacuum cleaner dusting brush, for example).



Key Features

  • Built-in Compressor wine cooler 34 bottle(s) Number of temperature zones: 2 Black
  • Number of shelves: 4 Number of doors: 1
  • 35 dB
  • 146 kWh
  • Interior light Temperature alarm

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