Operating Tips. Exmark QUEST QZS708GEM50200

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Loading a machine onto a trailer or truck increases the possibility of tip-over and could cause serious injury or death.

• Use extreme caution when operating a machine on a ramp.

• Use only a full-width ramp; do not use individual ramps for each side of the machine.

• Do not exceed a 15-degree angle between the ramp and the ground or between the ramp and the trailer or truck.

• Ensure the length of ramp is at least four times (4X) as long as the height of the trailer or truck bed to the ground. This will ensure that ramp angle does not exceed 15 degrees on flat ground.

• Back up ramps and drive forward down ramps.

• Avoid sudden acceleration or deceleration while driving the machine on a ramp as this could cause a loss of control or a tip-over situation.



Full-width ramp in stowed position

Figure 25


Side view of full-width ramp in loading position


Not greater than

15 degrees


Ramp is at least four times (4X) as long as the height of the trailer or truck bed to the ground


H= height of the trailer or truck bed to the ground



Operating Tips

Fast Throttle Setting

For best mowing and maximum air circulation, operate the engine at the Fast position. Air is required to thoroughly cut grass clippings, so Do Not set the height-of-cut so low as to totally surround the mower by uncut grass. Always try to have one side of the mower free from uncut grass, which allows air to be drawn into the mower.



Cutting a Lawn for the First Time

Cut grass slightly longer than normal to ensure that the cutting height of the mower does not scalp any uneven ground. However, the cutting height used in the past is generally the best one to use. When cutting grass longer than six inches tall, you may want to cut the lawn twice to ensure an acceptable quality of cut.

Cut 1/3 of the Grass Blade

It is best to cut only about 1/3 of the grass blade.

Cutting more than that is not recommended unless grass is sparse, or it is late fall when grass grows more slowly.

Mowing Direction

Alternate mowing direction to keep the grass standing straight. This also helps disperse clippings which enhances decomposition and fertilization.

Mow at Correct Intervals

Normally, mow every four days. But remember, grass grows at different rates at different times.

So to maintain the same cutting height, which is a good practice, mow more often in early spring. As the grass growth rate slows in mid summer, mow less frequently. If you cannot mow for an extended period, first mow at a high cutting height; then mow again two days later at a lower height setting.

Cutting Speed

To improve cut quality, use a slower ground speed.

Avoid Cutting Too Low

If the cutting width of the mower is wider than the mower you previously used, raise the cutting height to ensure that uneven turf is not cut too short.

Long Grass

If the grass is ever allowed to grow slightly longer than normal, or if it contains a high degree of moisture, raise the cutting height higher than usual and cut the grass at this setting. Then cut the grass again using the lower, normal setting.

When Stopping

If the machine’s forward motion must be stopped while mowing, a clump of grass clippings may drop onto your lawn. To avoid this, move onto a previously cut area with the blades engaged.

Keep the Underside of the Mower


Clean clippings and dirt from the underside of the mower after each use. If grass and dirt build up inside the mower, cutting quality will eventually become unsatisfactory.

Blade Maintenance

Maintain a sharp blade throughout the cutting season because a sharp blade cuts cleanly without tearing or shredding the grass blades. Tearing and shredding turns grass brown at the edges, which slows growth and increases the chance of disease. Check the cutter blades daily for sharpness, and for any wear or damage. File down any nicks and sharpen the blades as necessary. If a blade is damaged or worn, replace it immediately with a genuine Exmark replacement blade. Only Exmark blades are to be used with this unit. No other blades are approved.



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Key Features

  • 708cc Kawasaki engine delivers reliable power and performance
  • 50" cutting deck with 3 blades provides a wide cutting path for increased productivity.
  • Hydrostatic drive system offers precise control and smooth operation
  • Adjustable seat with armrests ensures operator comfort during extended mowing sessions.
  • High-back seat provides lumbar support and reduces operator fatigue.
  • Electric blade engagement for easy and convenient blade activation
  • Large fuel tank allows for extended mowing time without frequent refueling
  • Hour meter tracks operating time for maintenance scheduling and warranty purposes.

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Frequently Answers and Questions

What type of engine does the Exmark QUEST QZS708GEM50200 have?
It has a 708cc Kawasaki engine.
How wide is the cutting deck?
The cutting deck is 50 inches wide.
Does the mower have a hydrostatic drive system?
Yes, it has a hydrostatic drive system for precise control and smooth operation.
Is the seat adjustable?
Yes, the seat is adjustable with armrests for operator comfort.
How long can I mow before refueling?
The large fuel tank allows for extended mowing time without frequent refueling.
How do I activate the blades?
The blades are activated by an electric blade engagement system for easy and convenient operation.
What is the purpose of the hour meter?
The hour meter tracks operating time for maintenance scheduling and warranty purposes.


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