Storage. Exmark QUEST QZS708GEM50200

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Storage. Exmark QUEST QZS708GEM50200 | Manualzz



Restart the engine and run it until it stops.

Cleaning and Storage


Stop engine, wait for all moving parts to stop, and remove key. Engage parking brake.

Choke the engine. Start and run the engine until it will not start.

Dispose of fuel properly. Recycle pursuant to local codes.


Remove grass clippings, dirt, and grime from the external parts of the entire machine, especially the engine. Clean dirt and chaff from the outside of the engine cylinder head fins and blower housing.



Important: You can wash the machine with mild detergent and water. Do not pressure wash the machine. Avoid excessive use of water, especially near the control panel, under the seat, around the engine, hydraulic pumps, and motors.

Service the air cleaner; refer to Servicing the Air

Cleaner in the Engine Maintenance section.

Grease and oil the machine; refer to the

Lubrication section.


30 days.

Do not store stabilizer/conditioned gasoline over


Remove the spark plug(s) and check its condition; refer to Servicing the Spark Plug in the Engine

Maintenance section. With the spark plug(s) removed from the engine, pour two tablespoons of engine oil into the spark plug hole. Use the starter to crank the engine and distribute the oil inside the cylinder. Install the spark plug(s). Do not install the wire on the spark plug(s).


Clean any dirt and chaff from the top of the mower.


Change the crankcase oil and filter; refer to Servicing the Engine Oil in the Engine

Maintenance section.


Scrape any heavy buildup of grass and dirt from the underside of the mower, then wash the mower with a garden hose.


Check the condition of the drive and mower belts.


Check the tire pressure; refer to Checking the

Tire Pressure in the Drive System Maintenance section.


Check and tighten all bolts, nuts, and screws.

Repair or replace any part that is worn or damaged.


Charge the battery; refer to Servicing the Battery in the Electrical System Maintenance section.


Paint all scratched or bare metal surfaces. Paint is available from your Authorized Service Dealer.


Check the condition of the blades; refer to

Servicing the Cutting Blades in the Mower

Maintenance section.


Prepare the machine for storage when non-use occurs over 30 days. Prepare the machine for storage as follows.


Store the machine in a clean, dry garage or storage area. Remove the key from the ignition switch and keep it in a memorable place. Cover the machine to protect it and keep it clean.


Add a petroleum based stabilizer/conditioner to the fuel in the tank. Follow the mixing instructions from the stabilizer manufacturer. Do not use an alcohol based stabilizer (ethanol or methanol).

Note: A fuel stabilizer/conditioner is most effective when mixed with fresh gasoline and used at all times.

Run the engine to distribute the conditioned fuel through the fuel system (5 minutes).

Stop the engine, allow it to cool, and drain the fuel tank; refer to Draining the Fuel Tank in the

Fuel System Maintenance section.



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Key Features

  • 708cc Kawasaki engine delivers reliable power and performance
  • 50" cutting deck with 3 blades provides a wide cutting path for increased productivity.
  • Hydrostatic drive system offers precise control and smooth operation
  • Adjustable seat with armrests ensures operator comfort during extended mowing sessions.
  • High-back seat provides lumbar support and reduces operator fatigue.
  • Electric blade engagement for easy and convenient blade activation
  • Large fuel tank allows for extended mowing time without frequent refueling
  • Hour meter tracks operating time for maintenance scheduling and warranty purposes.

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Frequently Answers and Questions

What type of engine does the Exmark QUEST QZS708GEM50200 have?
It has a 708cc Kawasaki engine.
How wide is the cutting deck?
The cutting deck is 50 inches wide.
Does the mower have a hydrostatic drive system?
Yes, it has a hydrostatic drive system for precise control and smooth operation.
Is the seat adjustable?
Yes, the seat is adjustable with armrests for operator comfort.
How long can I mow before refueling?
The large fuel tank allows for extended mowing time without frequent refueling.
How do I activate the blades?
The blades are activated by an electric blade engagement system for easy and convenient operation.
What is the purpose of the hour meter?
The hour meter tracks operating time for maintenance scheduling and warranty purposes.


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