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Statement. Lenovo DB80 | Manualzz


Thank you for choosing Lenovo products.

Please read the information included in the product package thoroughly and carefully before use. Lenovo (Beijing) Ltd. will not be liable for any damages caused by your failure to follow the instructions herein or by any misoperation of this product due to your misunderstanding of the content of this guide.

Lenovo (Beijing) Ltd. has emended and checked this document strictly, but we do not assure that there is no error or oversight.

The pictures in this document are for your reference purpose only. If any of them are different from the actual product, please ignore the pictures.

In order to provide better services, Lenovo (Beijing) Ltd. reserves the right to improve and modify the description and the software program of this product.

Lenovo (Beijing) Ltd. will not be responsible for any data loss caused by malfunction of hardware and software, repair, and other situations; nor will we be responsible for associated indirect loss. Please backup your data properly.

The content of this User Guide is protected by the law of copyright.

Without a written authorization from Lenovo (Beijing) Ltd., you are not allowed to copy, excerpt, transmit through wired or wireless networks, or translate this User Guide into any other language.

The content of this User Guide is subject to change without notice.

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Key Features

  • Laptop DVD-RW USB 2.0
  • Tray
  • Silver

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