Removing the drive. Lenovo DB80

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Removing the drive. Lenovo DB80 | Manualzz

Removing the drive

Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems have built-in drivers for USB DVD burner. When the drive is connected,

Windows will automatically install the appropriate driver and the drive will be ready for use. You do not have to perform any special installation or removal procedures. However, to avoid any data error, it is recommended that you remove the drive from your system by performing the following procedures.

1. Exit the program that uses the drive.

2. Make sure that the LED indicator of the drive is off.

3. Click the Safely Remove Hardware icon on the system tray.

4. Select the name of the drive to remove. The Safe to Remove Hardware confirmation window opens.

Note: The confirmation window message indicated above may differ depending on the versions of your operating system. Please refer to the instruction manual of your computer or operating system for details.

5. Click “OK”. The drive is safely removed from the system.

6. Remove the USB data cable from the USB connector of the computer.



Key Features

  • Laptop DVD-RW USB 2.0
  • Tray
  • Silver

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