Check Spark Arrester (if equipped). Exmark LAZER Z

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Check Spark Arrester (if equipped). Exmark LAZER Z | Manualzz


Figure 28


Coolant drain plug (black head)


Oil drain hose


Oil filter


Spark plug

4. Rotate the drain plug clockwise and remove pan.

5. Fill radiator with a 50/50 mix of water and

Dex-Cool© coolant as specified in the Check

Engine Coolant Level section, allowing some room (approximately 1/2 inch (12.7 mm)) for expansion. Add 50/50 coolant mix to overflow bottle on the right side of the engine as required to bring the level up to the indicator line on the bottle.


Engine compartment contains open belt drives, fans, and other rotating components that can cause injury. Fingers, hands, loose clothing, or jewelry can get caught by the rotating fan and drive shaft.

• Do Not operate machine without the covers in place.

• Keep fingers, hands, and clothing clear of rotating components.

• Shut off engine, wait for moving parts to stop, engage parking brake and remove key, before performing maintenance.

6. With the cap off the radiator, start the engine as stated in the Operating Instructions Section.

7. Operate engine until the engine thermostat opens and coolant is circulating through the radiator core. As air is purged from the engine block and the coolant level drops, add additional coolant to the radiator.

8. When the radiator is completely full and no additional coolant can be added, continue running and install the radiator cap. Make sure that the cap is completely seated by pressing down firmly while turning until the cap stops. Once the cap is installed, the engine may be stopped.

Check Spark Arrester

(if equipped)

Service Interval: Every 50 hours


Hot exhaust system components may ignite gasoline vapors even after the engine is stopped. Hot particles exhausted during engine operation may ignite flammable materials. Fire may result in personal injury or property damage.

Do Not refuel or run engine unless spark arrester is installed.

1. Stop engine, wait for all moving parts to stop, and remove key. Engage parking brake.

2. Wait for muffler to cool.

3. If any breaks in the screen or welds are observed, replace arrester.

4. If plugging of the screen is observed, remove arrester and shake loose particles out of the arrester and clean screen with a wire brush (soak in solvent if necessary). Reinstall arrester on exhaust outlet.

Thread Locking Adhesives

Thread locking adhesives such as “Loctite 242” or “Fel-Pro, Pro-Lock Nut Type” are used on the following fasteners:

• ROPS spring pin housing.

• Hydro pump control arm, linkage bolt, and attachment bolt.

• Hydro cooling fan screw.

• Hydro park brake cable anchor mounting bolt

• Sheave and clutch retaining bolt in the end of engine crankshaft.



Key Features

  • Powerful engine for superior cutting performance
  • Durable deck for long-lasting use
  • Variety of cutting widths to meet your needs
  • Intuitive controls for easy operation
  • Easy maintenance for less downtime
  • Excellent cutting performance for a beautiful lawn

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Frequently Answers and Questions

What is the difference between the LAZER Z and other zero-turn mowers?
The LAZER Z is a commercial-grade mower that is built to last. It has a more powerful engine, a more durable deck, and a wider range of cutting widths than most other zero-turn mowers.
How do I choose the right cutting width for my needs?
The right cutting width for you depends on the size of your lawn. If you have a small lawn, a 42-inch cutting width will be sufficient. If you have a larger lawn, you may want to choose a 48-inch or 52-inch cutting width.
How do I maintain my LAZER Z mower?
The LAZER Z mower is easy to maintain. Simply follow the maintenance schedule in the owner's manual.