Motion Control Damper Adjustment. Exmark LAZER Z

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Motion Control Damper Adjustment. Exmark LAZER Z | Manualzz


Motion Control Neutral Lock

Pivot Adjustment

The flanged nut can be adjusted to obtain a more desired motion control lever resistance (Figure 41).

Figure 39


Double nuts

8. Shut off unit. Remove jumper wire from wire harness and plug connector into seat switch.

9. Remove the jack stands.

10. Raise the deck and re-install the height of cut pin.

11. Check that the machine does not creep in neutral with the park brakes disengaged.

Motion Control Damper


The top damper mounting bolt can be adjusted to obtain a more desired motion control lever resistance.

See Figure 40 for mounting options.


Flanged nut

Figure 41


Jam nut

1. Loosen the jam nut.

2. Tighten or loosen the flanged nut to the desired feel.

For more resistance, tighten the flanged nut.

For less resistance, loosen the flanged nut

3. Tighten jam nut.

Motion Control Handle


Adjusting the height:

The motion control levers can be adjusted higher or lower for maximum operator comfort.

1. Remove the two bolts holding the control lever to the control arm shaft (Figure 42).

Figure 40

RH Motion Control Shown


Torque nyloc nut to 200 in-lb (16.7 ft-lb). Bolt must protrude past end of nyloc nut after torque. A T-40 Torx bit will be necessary to hold the stud from turning.


Most resistance (firmest feel)




Medium resistance (medium feel)


Least resistance (softest feel)



Key Features

  • Powerful engine for superior cutting performance
  • Durable deck for long-lasting use
  • Variety of cutting widths to meet your needs
  • Intuitive controls for easy operation
  • Easy maintenance for less downtime
  • Excellent cutting performance for a beautiful lawn

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Frequently Answers and Questions

What is the difference between the LAZER Z and other zero-turn mowers?
The LAZER Z is a commercial-grade mower that is built to last. It has a more powerful engine, a more durable deck, and a wider range of cutting widths than most other zero-turn mowers.
How do I choose the right cutting width for my needs?
The right cutting width for you depends on the size of your lawn. If you have a small lawn, a 42-inch cutting width will be sufficient. If you have a larger lawn, you may want to choose a 48-inch or 52-inch cutting width.
How do I maintain my LAZER Z mower?
The LAZER Z mower is easy to maintain. Simply follow the maintenance schedule in the owner's manual.