Adjustment. Exmark LAZER Z

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Control lever


Control arm shaft

Figure 42




Slotted holes 1.



Cover plate

Figure 43

RH Motion Control Shown


Motion control lever

2. Move the control lever to the next set of holes.

Secure the lever with the two bolts.

3. Repeat the adjustment for the opposite control lever.

Adjusting the Tilt

The motion control levers can be tilted fore or aft for maximum operator comfort.

1. Loosen the upper bolt holding the control lever to the control arm shaft.

2. Loosen the lower bolt just enough to pivot the control lever fore or aft Figure 42. Tighten both bolts to secure the control in the new position.

3. Repeat the adjustment for the opposite control lever.

Caster Pivot Bearings

Pre-Load Adjustment

Remove dust cap from caster and tighten nyloc nut until washers are flat and back off 1/4 of a turn to properly set the pre-load on the bearings. If disassembled, make sure the spring disc washers are reinstalled as shown in Figure 44.

Motion Control Full Forward

Tracking Adjustment

If the machine travels or pulls to one side when the motion control levers are in the full forward position, adjust the cover plates.

1. Loosen the screws on a cover plate (see Figure 43).

2. Slide the cover plate backward or forward to adjust the travel of the lever and tighten the screws.

3. Drive the machine and check the full forward tracking.

4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 until desired tracking is obtained.


Spring disc washers

Figure 44



Key Features

  • Powerful engine for superior cutting performance
  • Durable deck for long-lasting use
  • Variety of cutting widths to meet your needs
  • Intuitive controls for easy operation
  • Easy maintenance for less downtime
  • Excellent cutting performance for a beautiful lawn

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Frequently Answers and Questions

What is the difference between the LAZER Z and other zero-turn mowers?
The LAZER Z is a commercial-grade mower that is built to last. It has a more powerful engine, a more durable deck, and a wider range of cutting widths than most other zero-turn mowers.
How do I choose the right cutting width for my needs?
The right cutting width for you depends on the size of your lawn. If you have a small lawn, a 42-inch cutting width will be sufficient. If you have a larger lawn, you may want to choose a 48-inch or 52-inch cutting width.
How do I maintain my LAZER Z mower?
The LAZER Z mower is easy to maintain. Simply follow the maintenance schedule in the owner's manual.