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Use Precautions English


Use Precautions

These precautions explain how to use the device correctly and safely, thereby preventing injury to you or to others. This section relates to your personal safety, and also helps you minimize the risk of damaging the device. Please read carefully before proceeding.

1.1. Warning for Safety

Do not open the device or attempt to disassemble or to modify it.

Do not look inside the device. If you expose your eyes to the laser inside the device, you risk damage or loss of your eyesight.

Do not insert fingers or foreign objects into the device.

Do not expose the device to rain, use it near water or in damp or wet conditions or place containers on it that contain liquids which might spill into any openings.

Follow the Operation Manual carefully. Follow the correct procedure when setting up the device.

If unusual smells, sounds or smoke emanate from the device or if liquids enter the device, switch the computer off immediately and unplug it from the power outlet.

Make sure the computer is electrically grounded.

When opening the computer, always unplug the computer from the electrical outlet. Do not touch the plug with wet hands.

When used in a fan-cooled system, the device should not be exposed to temperatures outside the range of 5 ~ 40 ℃ .

1.2. Warning as to Use

This AOpen USB2.0 DVD+RW/+R drive together with software is a product for utilizing

DVD+RW/+R/CD-RW recording media with rewriting, erasing and readout capabilities, as an external computer memory device. Except in the case where copying of CD-ROMs or the like is especially recognized under the copyrights laws as being for the purpose of individual use by the customer or the like, or in the case where the customer has obtained permission to make copies from the right holder, reproduction of CD-ROMs and copyright laws. Take notice that unauthorized copying may be subject to claims for damages and to penalties.

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