Introduction. AOpen CRW 1232

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2.1. Overview

Thank you for purchasing AOpen USB2.0 DVD+RW/+R drive. In this manual, we will explain how to install your AOpen USB2.0 DVD+RW/+R drive correctly. Please read this manual carefully before using the drive.


JustLink is a new technology developed independently by Ricoh that automatically prevents buffer under-run errors by predicting them before they happen. AOpen USB2.0

DVD+RW/+R drive features JustLink technology to enable stable writing in the following situations where buffer under-run errors may otherwise occur in a conventional drive.

With high-speed writing,

When some other operation is being performed on the computer during writing,

When writing CD-R/CD-RW from a CD-ROM drive,

When writing directly via network.

High Versatility

The AOpen USB2.0 DVD+RW/+R drive is an ideal all-in-one solution for reading CD’s, copying audio/software CD’s, creating photo/audio/video CD’s, or acting as a storage drive for archiving or backup. The drive (retail pack only) comes complete with everything you need to make CD’s right away, including bundled software and blank

CDs. With this software, you can create your own CDs.

High Reliability

An improved anti-heat design and the OPC design boost recording reliability. Optimum

Power Control continually monitors signal levels during recording and adjusts laser power to compensate for a dirty disc. This feature ensures a flat signal, significantly enhancing reliability.

High Compatibility

The AOpen USB2.0 DVD+RW/+R drive supports all major CD/DVD formats, offering full backward-compatibility through the huge installed base of CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drives and media. What’s more, reordered DVD+RW/+R/CD-RW media can be played in a

DVD player with multi-read feature, maintaining future compatibility.

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