Features. AOpen CRW 1232

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Features. AOpen CRW 1232 | Manualzz

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2.2. Features

USB2.0 interface.

Completely sealed door construction provides high reliability

JustLink has made auto-avoidance against buffer under run errors possible

Can read not only CD-R, CD-RW and DVD+RW discs, but also video CDs, music CDs, photo CDs, and CD-Text

Can read CD data at 32x speed (4.8MB/sec data transfer rate), write data at

12x speed (CD-R, 1.8MB/sec data transfer rate.), re-write data at 10x speed *1

(High Speed CD-RW, 1.5MB/sec data transfer rate), and write data at 2.4x speed (DVD+RW/+R, 3.32MB/sec data transfer rate).

Excellent media compatibility: The firmware of DVD+RW/+R drive has tuned up to the 99% compatibility.

Support random write UDF in DVD+RW

Legacy DVD-ROM and DVD Player can play DVD+RW/+R disc

An improved anti-heat design means that no cooling fan is needed.

Compliant with Orange Book Part II (CD-R) and Part III, Volume 2 V1.0


Supports random UDF for easy writing to CD-R/RW discs

Emergency disk unload

Front panel rotary volume control

Back panel included analog audio output and digital audio output

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