Technical Support. AOpen CRW 1232

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Technical Support. AOpen CRW 1232 | Manualzz

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Technical Support

For additional information or help during installation or normal operation of this drive not available in this manual or from our Web site, please contact our dealer where you have purchased this product for support, or you may contact us directly:

AOpen Inc.

AOpen America Inc.

AOpen Computer B.V.

Please provide product information, including the model name and serial number, computer system information, and/or a detail description of your problem or question by

E-Mail. The AOpen technical support staff will respond as quickly as possible.

5.1. Firmware Upgrade

The AOpen USB2.0 DVD+RW/+R drive uses Flash type firmware, a small piece of software that can be overwritten and updated. To ensure more reliable operations and enhanced performance of the drive, updates to the firmware will be made available. You can download and upgrade the latest version via our Web site regularly at

Confirming the firmware version

For Windows users, the firmware version will not be displayed. Use your writing software to check it.

-- E-13 --


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