Program Setup. Samsung svr-945, svr-1680c, SVR-1645, svr-480, SVR-PC, SVR-3200, SVR-1660C, SVR-960C

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Program Setup. Samsung svr-945, svr-1680c, SVR-1645, svr-480, SVR-PC, SVR-3200, SVR-1660C, SVR-960C | Manualzz

User Manual

Using the [Program] menu, you can set up a program to use for both Manual & Event and

Schedule & Event. You can adjust the frame rate, video quality and resolution of the program.

Two choices are available: 1) Select a program by the frame rate, quality, and resolution, or 2)

Set up a program manually. For Event Recording, you can select a frame rate up to the maximum possible for one channel. When events occur simultaneously in more than two channels, the recording frame rate may be automatically adjusted.


Under the Program menu, a total of 26 programs labeled from A to Z are available for you to define with the recording resolution and quality for each channel. For more information about the setting values of the Program menu, please refer to section 3.5.

Ch (Channel)

Indicates a channel number.

R (Resolution)

Indicates the recording resolution. A total of three types are available: D1 (704x480), Half D1 (704x240), and CIF (352x240).

F (fps)

Indicates frames per second: from 1 to 30fps. The maximum frame rate may vary depending on settings.


User Manual

Q (Quality)

Indicates the recording quality: Q5, Q4, Q3, Q2, and Q1. For Event Recording, Q3 or higher is recommended.

Max R/F

Indicates the maximum frame rate available for a selected resolution. For instance, CIF 30fps means that you can select up to 30fps for the CIF resolution of a selected channel. D1 30fps means that you can select up to 30fps for the D1 resolution.

How to Calculate Recording Performance

D1 [704x480] = 2 x Half D1 [704x240] = 4 x CIF [352x240]

120 D1 compressed frames = 240 Half D1 compressed frames = 480 CIF compressed frames

The resolution and maximum frame rate vary depending on the number of enabled channels.

When disabling a channel in the Channel settings

How to Disable: Select Menu > Camera Settings > Use Channel > Disable. (The channel is then grayed out to show that it is disabled.) For example, the SVR-1660C can record every channel at up to

CIF 30fps. If a channel is "Disabled" in the Channel settings, there is then a surplus of CIF 30fps recording capacity. You can use the —surplus CIF (352x240) 30fps to increase another channel's resolution to Half D1 (704x240) 30fps (remember from above that CIF x 2 = Half D1).

• Setting a channel's frame rate to "0fps" in the Program settings

Surplus CIF 30fps cannot be used to increase another channel's resolution because the

0fps channel still uses at least 2 to 3 recording frames per second for various reasons including network communications


You must disable the channel instead of setting it to

0fps if you want to conserve and use the surplus CIF 30fps recording capacity for another channel


Relation Between Normal Recording and Event Recording

When an event occurs, Event Recording is activated with the Program settings. DVR recording performance varies depending on the model. For example, the recording performance of the SVR-1660C is CIF 480fps for both Normal and Event Recording. When both recording modes are in effect, its recording performance cannot exceed CIF 480fps. That means that

Event Recording can be set up for the SVR-1660C only if the total of Event and Normal

Recording of all channels does not exceed CIF 480fps.


User Manual

Event Settings in and CIF 480fps Recording Performance

When every channel is set up to record normally at CIF 30fps, the Event Recording settings of for 1 st

channel are limited to CIF 30 fps, Half 15 fps, and D1 7fps. If you want to set the Event

Recording settings value to D1 30fps, the Normal Recording settings value of the other channels must be changed to total CIF 360fps or less.

• When Events Occur in Multiple Channels Simultaneously

When events occur simultaneously in multiple channels and the Event Recording settings value exceeds the DVR's maximum recording performance, the Normal Recording settings value is retained, and the channels with events drop their Event Recording frame rates settings to record the events.

The SVR-1680C provides D1 30 compressed frames for all channels; it can record programs at a manually selected resolution and frame rate at all times.

Quick Record Setup (Quick Setup)

Quick Setup provides recording, language, time and audio setups in one place.

How to Set Quick Recording

Select 'Quick Setup'.

Program Setup

All programs are set to 0fps by default so each program needs to be set individually (described in details in recording menu).



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