Manual/Schedule Recording Setup. Samsung svr-945, svr-1680c, SVR-1645, svr-480, SVR-PC, SVR-3200, SVR-1660C, SVR-960C

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Manual/Schedule Recording Setup. Samsung svr-945, svr-1680c, SVR-1645, svr-480, SVR-PC, SVR-3200, SVR-1660C, SVR-960C | Manualzz

User Manual

Schedule & Event Setup

Set record mode to "Schedule & Event" and set a schedule and event for each date and time.

How to Check Recording

If record setup is properly completed, the 'REC LED' on the front will flicker. Also,

[S] is displayed to show that currently all channels are recorded as scheduled.

You can switch between Manual and Schedule Recording by changing the recording mode.

Both Manual and Schedule Recording enable you to choose a program to record. The resolution, frame rate, and quality may vary depending on the selected program.


User Manual

Manual Recording

Manual Recording is activated only when the recording mode is set to Manual & Event. After selecting a program, press the [REC] button on the front of the DVR unit to begin recording. If you want to schedule a recording, switch the recording mode to Schedule & Event.

Schedule Recording Settings

Schedule Recording records video automatically at a scheduled time according to the chosen program settings. Set the recording mode to Schedule & Event then select a program for a scheduled date and time.


When selecting a program, the default settings value of the program is displayed for you to confirm. You can select one or more programs from among the 26 available, all labeled from A to Z. The picture below shows an example using only Program A.


User Manual

• Index: 1~50 different programs can be set

• Day: designate recording date

• Program: select a recording program (A~T)

• Time: designate recording time

• Delete: delete the desired INDEX

Setting Method

As you set INDEX, DAY, PROGRAM and HOUR, then the content will be immediately displayed in the table. If you select the start time and the stop time for recording in the table and click on them in order, the content will be displayed in INDEX, DAY, PROGRAM and HOUR.

Deletion Method

Select the desired INDEX and then click on the Delete button. If you click on the Delete button before selecting INDEX, then the content of INDEX that was selected previously will be deleted first. After that, the content in the highest INDEX will be deleted and then others INDEX will be deleted in the increasing order of INDEX.

Editing Method

Select the INDEX to be edited and then change DAY, PROGRAM and HOUR on your own.

If all the INDEX fields up to INDEX 50 are already set, then click on the time in the table to be edited with your mouse. Click on the hour in the table to be changed, again with your mouse.

The previous setting will be deleted and overwritten with the change that you have just made.

If the

same time is set twice then ‘!’ will be displayed in the table.



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