System Setup. Samsung svr-945, svr-1680c, SVR-1645, svr-480, SVR-PC, SVR-3200, SVR-1660C, SVR-960C

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System Setup. Samsung svr-945, svr-1680c, SVR-1645, svr-480, SVR-PC, SVR-3200, SVR-1660C, SVR-960C | Manualzz

User Manual


Select a serial port.


Select a connected PTZ device.

Camera ID

Enter the ID of the selected camera.


Select one from among Com2 to 4.

To use RS-232, select Com3. For RS-422 or 485, select Com2 or 4.

Baud rate/Parity/Stop Bit/Data Bit

Enter the same settings as the ones for the PTZ device.

Idle Time

Activate or disable PTZ Home, and set up a standby duration for the device before moving to

PTZ home.

For more information on cameras supporting PTZ and how to set them up, refer to "4.8 PTZ Use".


System Setup


User Manual

6.9.1 System Setup


The OSD menu supports multiple languages. Select a language.

Key Buzzer

This determines whether to use the buzzer for the buttons on the front.


This restores the factory default settings. Press the [Default] button to restore the factory default.

Load Configuration

This sends the DVR setting stored in a USB storage device to the DVR.

Save Configuration

This saves the DVR setting to a USB storage device.

Firmware Update

Save the Update Firmware for USB to USB storage and connect it to the DVR.

Select Firmware Update from System Setup and press the [Enter] button.

When a message prompting you to update appears, select [Yes] and press the [Enter] button.

After a while, a buzzer beeps and the unit reboots.

The Update Firmware for USB is provided in a "*.dat" file.

To do a firmware update through the network, run the updater executable file and click a DVR on the DVR list. When the IP, MAC address and port of the DVR are displayed, enter the


User Manual

password (default: 11111111) specified in SNM-128S into "Admin Password" and press the [Start

Upgrade] button.

After the upgrade progress window appears, a message prompting you to reboot the unit is displayed. Select "Yes" to reboot the unit.

DVR Alias

This sets a DVR alias.

System Log

The system logs various events including changing menu settings, turning the power on or off, changing the time zone, turning HDD on or off, using the Copy function, and when system events occur.

You can check log details with the >> icon by pressing the Enter button or scrolling the mouse wheel.


User Manual

Copying System Log

System logs are saved as txt-formatted files, and can be saved to a USB flash drive.

To save system logs to a USB drive, insert the drive into a USB port, open the System Log list.

And then press the "COPY" button on the front.

The data will be saved as "Model Name_System Log_Date&Time.txt."


This is used to set the time zone, date format, and time for the DVR.

Daylight Saving needs to be set depending upon the region.

I-Frame Duration

An I-frame duration is the interval between I-frames and is measured by the video frame rate.

For video recordings with less motion, I-frame duration enhances the video quality.

You should only set I-frame duration settings to anything other than Auto if you are specialized in MPEG-4.

6.9.2 Disk

This section describes how to add, remove, or format internal and external hard disks.


User Manual

Disk Manager

Disk Manager is used to manage internal and external HDDs.

It manages HDD status, bad blocks, size, enabled, disabled, etc.


: Displays disk locations and types.


Int A (Internal A HDD), Int B (Internal B HDD), Ext (External HDD)

: Displays HDD models.

Bad Block

: Displays HDDs with bad blocks. 0 is displayed when there are no problems. Nothing is displayed for HDDs not in use.



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