Introduction. AOpen CRW2440

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Thank you for purchasing AOpen CRW2440 CD-R/RW drive. In this manual, we will explain how to install your CRW2440 CD- R/RW drive correctly. Please read this manual carefully before using the drive.

High Speed

AOpen’s CRW2440 CD-R/RW drive offers unprecedented performance to handle today’s demands by reading CD’s at up to 40x speed and writing CD-R or CD- RW discs at super 24x / 10x speed. CRW2440 writes a 650 MB disc in about 5 minutes.

Just Link

Just Link is a new technology developed independently by Ricoh that automatically prevents buffer under-run errors by predicting them before they happen. AOpen

CRW2440 features Just Link technology to enable stable writing in the following situations where buffer under-run errors may otherwise occur in a conventional drive.


With high-speed writing,


When some other operation is being performed on the computer during writing,

Ÿ When writing CD-R/CD-RW drive from a CD-ROM drive,


When writing directly via network.

Just Speed

Just Speed is a new technology developed independently by Ricoh. AOpen CRW2440 features Just Speed technology to reduces disc errors such as insufficient power in writing and servo follow error.

The mechanism controls the maximum writing speed by

(1) using the ATIP information (maker name, model number, etc. pre-recorded on disc),

(2) performing test writing to the OPC area at the inner circumference of the disc, and

(3) getting the status of the servo follow check of the outer circumference of the disc

(checking of track shift due to lack of precision in cutting of the disc itself).

A combination of the above (1), (2), and (3) enables better certainty in high-speed writing, while offering support to discs where maximum writing speed cannot be obtained from the ATIP information

High Versatility

The CRW2440 is an ideal all-in-one solution for reading CD’s, copying audio/software

CD’s, creating photo/audio/video CD’s, or acting as a storage drive for archiving or backup. The drive (retail pack only) comes complete with everything you need to make

CD’s right away, including bundled software and blank CDs. With this software, you can create your own CDs.

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