Hardware Installation. AOpen CRW2440

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Hardware Installation. AOpen CRW2440 | Manualzz

Hardware Installation


Hardware Installation

The installation of CRW2440 is fast and easy. Please follow these instructions described below:


System Requirements

A PC system with the following features is highly recommended for ensuring a stable

CD-R/RW performance.


CPU : Pentium II 350 MHz or higher


Operating System : Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT4.0

Ÿ Memory : 32MB minimum, 64MB recommended

Ÿ CD-ROM Drive : Minimum 16X drive recommended


Writing Software :

The drive requires CD writing software to write onto a CD-R/RW disc. When you use the CD writing software, make sure that it supports this drive.

Ÿ Hard Drive Space :

When writing to a CD-R/RW disc, you will need a working area (50 to 100 MB free space) on the hard drive. When creating an image file for all data to write to a CD-R/RW disc, in addition to the working area, you will need as much hard drive space as that data (up to 800 MB in total). However, such hard drive space for the image file is not needed when you are directly writing from a hard drive, CD-ROM drive or so on (on-the-fly writing).


Hardware Instruction

Front Panel

Emergency Eject Hole

Disc Tray

Headphone Jack

Volume Control

-- E-6 --

Eject Button

Busy Indicator LED

Hardware Installation English

Don’t use force to pull out or push in the disc tray. This might cause damage to the loading section of the drive.


Disc Tray

This is the tray for the disc. Place the disc on the ejected disc tray, and then slightly push the tray (or push the eject button), the CD will be loaded.

Ÿ Eject Button

This is the button used to eject or bring in the disc tray.


Busy Indicator

When the disc tray or disc is being accessed, the light shines or flashes orange.

Even when a disc is loaded or a disc is not being accessed, the light goes out.

When an illegal disc is loaded or some hardware trouble occurs, the indicators blinks.

Ÿ Headphone Jack

This jack is for connecting headphones or mini-speakers.


Volume Control

This is used to adjust the output volume of the headphone jack. It can’t be used to adjust the output volume for the audio output connectors on the rear panel.


Emergency Eject Hole

When the drive cannot eject the disc tray because of power failure, pushing the emergency eject hole of the front panel by the thin pole make drive be able to eject the disc tray.

This function is only for emergency case. Do not use this function in usual case to prevent from mechanical damage.

-- E-7 --


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