Rear Panel. AOpen CRW2440

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Rear Panel. AOpen CRW2440 | Manualzz

Hardware Installation

Rear Panel


Power Connector

Used to connect to the host computer’s power supply (DC 5V/12V).

Be careful not to reverse the power connector when attaching it. A reversed connection may cause damage to the equipment (not covered by the warranty)


E-IDE Connector

Use a 40-pin double-end flat E-IDE cable to connect to the E-IDE interface.

Connecting or disconnecting connectors while power is on may result in a short circuit, causing damage to the equipment. When connecting or disconnecting connectors, make sure to turn off the power beforehand.


Audio Output Connector

Used to connect the sound card (analog signal).


Digital Audio Output

Used to connect the sound card (digital signal).


ATA mode setting Jumper (Optional)

The drive is set on “PIO mode 4” by default. You can set your drive on “UDMA” mode by remove the jumper.

Note: The compatibility of UDMA function is interrelated with the chipsets of motherboard. If error occurs when drive is writing after you set on UDMA mode, please plug jumper back to set drive on PIO mode.

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