Installing the CD- R/RW drive. AOpen CRW2440

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Installing the CD- R/RW drive. AOpen CRW2440 | Manualzz

Hardware Installation English


Device Configuration Jumper

Used when selecting the device configuration of E-IDE. Don’t use jumpers to change anything besides the device configuration. Configuration changes become valid after power is turned off, then on again. The device configuration jumper will be set to Master as factory default setting.

Note: Installing jumper pins besides the ones for device configuration settings may be the cause of damage or abnormal drive operation.


Installing the CD-R/RW drive

Power off your computer and all peripheral devices. Unplug the computer’s power cord from wall outlet or from the power strip.

Required Tools

Ÿ A medium-size screwdriver


A long-nosed pliers


Your computer system or motherboard manual (to locate your computer system’s IDE controller).

Installation Procedure

The discharge of static electricity can damage electronic circuitry. You can avoid static discharge by touching a grounded metal object, like your computer case, before and during installation of hardware inside your computer.

-- E-9 --

Hardware Installation

1. Remove the housing or casing of your computer. Be careful of any sharp edges, which might be hidden inside your computer.

2. If there is not any other CD-ROM drive installed in your system. We recommend installing the CD-R/RW in the Secondary IDE port. It is unnecessary to adjust any other jumpers on the CD-R/RW. Proceed to step 4 for further installation.

3. If a CD-ROM drive is already installed in your system.

We recommend that you install the CD-ROM on the Secondary IDE channel as the master device (MA), and the CD-R/RW on the Secondary

IDE channel as the slave device (SL). Please follow the steps below to fulfill this arrangement.


First make sure that your Secondary IDE cable has two ports available for two


IDE devices. If not, ask your main board vendor or purchase one from computer hardware stores.


If the CD-ROM drive was installed in the Primary IDE channel, disconnect it from the Primary IDE cable.


Adjust the Device Configuration Jumper of the CD-ROM drive to “Master” (MA) position.


Adjust the Device Configuration Jumper of the CD- R/RW to “Slave” (SL) position.

-- E-10 --

Hardware Installation English

4. From your main board, find out the 40-pin Secondary IDE interface cable. Then connect them to your CD-R/RW. Please do notice that the color edge of the IDE cable must be aligned with PIN 1 of the IDE controller.


5. Place the CD-R/RW in a 5.25-inch bay.

-- E-11 --

Hardware Installation

6. Use four provided screws (size: M3x0.5x4mm) to secure the drive into the half-height bay. The screws electronically ground the drive.

This CD-R/RW drive must be horizontally installed and operated.

7. Locate your computer’s power supply and find an unused power cable connector. If you do not have an available power connector, you’ll need to purchase a Y-power cable splitter that expands one power connector into two. You may purchase it from your local vendor.

-- E-12 --

Hardware Installation English

8. Attach the audio cable if necessary. If you had another CD-ROM drive with audio cable attached, it is not necessary to attach audio cable for your CD-R/RW.

9. Put your computer cover back on. Be careful of any sharp edges, which might be hidden inside your computer.

10. Plug in your computer power cord, and turn on the computer.

-- E-13 --


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