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Appendix B.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

The following FAQ’s are the most common problems you may find during installation or regular use. Please review these FAQ’s to have your problem solved. In case you do not find any items that answer your problem, please contact your dealer or technical support.

Q: Computer won’t boot up after installation.

Please proceed the following procedures to get your computer back to work:


Turn off and unplug your computer first. Check each connector along both IDE cables. (Bent pins, orientations or bad contacts.)


Check if the power cable attached correctly to each drive.


If an IDE cable is connected with CD-R/RW and other device, check the jumper settings of both devices and make sure the “MA” (master) and “SL” (slave) settings are different from each other.

Q: The CD-R/RW doesn’t show up in My Computer or Explorer.

The following steps will assist you to get your drive to work as a CD-ROM:

Ÿ If you cannot find CD-R/RW in Explorer, restart your computer, or shut it down and then turn it on again.

Ÿ Is the CD-R/RW receiving power properly? You can test it by pressing eject button to see if the tray opens and closes.


Is the IDE cable connected properly? Be careful to turn off and unplug your computer system before checking this item. Check the connection by your opening computer system to see if the IDE connector well inserted and the colored stripe on the side of the IDE cable lines up with PIN-1 of each connector.


Select "enable both IDE channels" to enable the IDE channels. Then reboot your PC.

Q: The CD-R/RW has problem in reading CD disc, or Error message when double-clicking on the CD-R/RW icon.

There are several ways to solve this problem as follows:


The CD disc in the tray may be loaded upside-down, or a little off-center. Try re-loading the CD disc with its label side up.


After loading a CD disc, it will take a moment to let the CD-R/RW read the disc information. When the indicator on the front panel stops flashing and stays green, it is ready for access.

Ÿ If the disc you just loaded is a blank CD disc, try it later after copying some information to the CD.

-- E-27 --


Q: Unable to see a second session reading from a CD-ROM drive.


Eject the CD and re-load it.

Ÿ Refresh the screen. Select the My Computer icon in Windows Explorer and press F5.

Ÿ Make sure if your CD-ROM drive reads CD-RW discs. CD-RW discs can only be used in CD-R/RW or newer MultiRead CD-ROM.

Ÿ For Windows 3.x users: Windows 3.x cannot read multi-session CD disc that is created by Direct CD. If some other programs create the CD disc, please verify you are using version 2.23 of the MSCDEX.EXE file. First, restart your PC and when you see “Starting MS-DOS…” appear on your monitor, press F8. Each line in your CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files will load one at a time.

Press “Y” until you see a line containing “MSCDEX.EXE”, then press “Y” and you will see the version number displayed on monitor. The number shall be

2.23 or greater. In case you cannot find this file, you can download it from

Microsoft's FTP site:

This file is a self-extracted ZIP file, please run it to retrieve MSCDEX.EXE file.


See if the CD-R/RW or other CD-ROM drives can read the CD disc properly. If so, then the problem is probably with the CD-ROM drive. Contact the manufacturer of the drive for updated drivers or patch files.

Q: Applications cannot locate the CD in CD-R/RW.


Some programs only locate the first logical drive letter assigned to a CD-ROM or a CD-R/RW drive. For example, if your CD-ROM drive is assigned drive D: and CD-R/RW is assigned drive E:, the program locates drive D: only and will not locate drive E:. Thus you need to reassign drive letters to both your

CD-ROM and CD-R/RW drives in case you need to run the program in



Windows 95/98: right-click My Computer icon. Click Properties item, open

Device Manager and double-click CD-ROM drive, then click Setting tab. Under

Reserved drive letters, select the drive letter after the existing letter (for both start and end drive letter) and click OK. Then double-click CD-R/RW icon, then click Setting tab. Under Reserved drive letters, select the drive letter before current one and click OK.

Ÿ Windows NT: click on Start | Programs | Administrative Tolls (common).

Choose Disk Administrator. Right-click on the drive letter you would like to change. Select Assign Drive Letter and change the drive letter accordingly.

The above are only GENERAL rules that do not necessarily apply to any combination of

CD- ROM drives, HDD and motherboards. A few trials on different configurations before recording are recommended. Also, try out different CD-R media before you proceed to make volumes duplication as you may figure out which brand of CD-R media originates smoother recording and easier access. As long as you find the best CD recording way, stick to it.

-- E-28 --


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