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Format Compatibility. AOpen EHB-5232U | Manualzz

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Back panel analog audio output and digital audio output

2.3. Format Compatibility

This COMBO drive is compatible with the following formats:

”Read” means Data Transfer;

DVD-ROM(DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10, DVD-18)




* CD-I, Photo-CD requires special reader/player; Photo-CD writing requires Kodak license

2.4. Type of Writing


When only a single recording session (lead in/data/lead out) is to be recorded onto a disk, it is called “Disc-At-Once”.

When using Disc-At-Once, no additional data can be recorded onto the disc, even if there is available capacity.

The advantage of this method recording is that it enables creation of discs that can be played back on almost any CD player or CD-ROM drive, because there are no links inserted between the data tracks.


When many sessions are to be recorded onto a disc, it is called “Track-At-Once”. If there is space available on the disc, additional data can be recorded onto it.

The advantages of this method include being able to record additional sessions onto a disc, and using a CD-ROM of backup data. (Refer to “Multisession”.)


A "Session-at-Once" recording almost corresponds to a "Disc-at-Once recording", i.e. all data ("Lead-in", data area and "Lead-out" are written in one go.

The only difference is that the CD is not "finished", i.e. after a "Session-at-Once" recording you still have the possibility to write a further "Session" on the CD at a later date.

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