Rear Panel. AOpen EHB-5232U

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Rear Panel. AOpen EHB-5232U | Manualzz

Specification English

Rear Panel

Power Cord

Connector Audio Out Connector

Power Switch

USB Connector y Power Cord Connector

Used to connect to the host computer’s power supply (DC 5V/12V). y Power Switch

Used to turn on or turn of USB2.0 Combo. y

Audio Out Connector

Used to connect to an external speaker, earphone or amplifier. y

USB2.0 Connector

Used to connect the USB certified cable to USB Host controller card.

This Combo drive can be horizontally or vertically installed and operated.

3.3. Installing USB2.0 Combo drive

Please install your USB2.0 Combo according to following steps,

Installing Your Combo drive:

1. First, make sure the power of the drive is turned OFF.

-- E-7 --


2. Plug the power cable and USB cable to your USB2.0 Combo.

3. Connect the other end of the USB cable to the USB2.0 port of your computer.

4. Connect the AC adapter to a properly grounded AC outlet.

5. Now you may turn on the power and the system will detect the new device automatically.

-- E-8 --


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